• Why we spoofed the viral Chatbooks video

    Ok… first of all… have you seen it? We’re kinda dorks at heart and we have a new video that just posted. Probably ought to watch it before going forward here :)   Now let’s back up a bit and we’ll give you the inside story on how this crazy idea came about. It’s always fun getting the “inside sto... View Post
  • Kid’s Mountain Biking Mecca: Part II- Outerbike Moab For The Whole Family

    Spring break from our kids school was not the sole reason we headed to Moab. We also headed down to participate as vendors at Outerbike Moab. Outerbike is a tri-annual event that takes place in Moab (Spring & Fall) and Crested Butte (Summer). Here is where you can test ride all the lates... View Post
  • L is For Leprechaun

    On Wednesday, my husband and I went into our 6 year old’s classroom and organized a ‘Build A Leprechaun Trap’ session with the class. After all, we are Fitzgerald’s! This quest began with purchasing some 12x12x12 boxes, wooden dowels, fake gold coins (some schools may be able to pull off real g... View Post
  • WYDAHO Rendezvous Recap

    One of our favorite things to do at Buddy Pegs is to interact with parents and kids LIVE and in person! This year, we offered to help take the WYDAHO Rendezvous Mt Bike Festival to the next level with our Buddy Pegs Grom Fest. Event organizers Teton Valley Trails and Pathways, and site hos... View Post
  • Are kids biking MORE or LESS?

    IS THE ANSWER… “The best numbers available suggest that today’s American kids bike as much — if not more — than kids did in the mid-1970s.” — Michael Andersen (The Green Lane Project) OR IS THE ANSWER… “Since 1996 the number of children, age 7–17, participating in ... View Post