L is For Leprechaun

On Wednesday, my husband and I went into our 6 year old’s classroom and organized a ‘Build A Leprechaun Trap’ session with the class. After all, we are Fitzgerald’s!

This quest began with purchasing some 12x12x12 boxes, wooden dowels, fake gold coins (some schools may be able to pull off real gold:)), string for the traps (we used bike trail marking tape…shocking I know), plenty of stickers, and any other green arts and crafts bling you may have.

This school is a Project Based Learning curriculum and these kids took it to the next level! Lots of fun to be had by all.

The eve before good ole St. Pats (AKA, last night) text messages came flooding in from parents who were stressed out about what to do with these traps. Yes, we made life harder for most. Sorry.

Our advice was — Mess the house up, put a piece of cheese in the trap (that the leprechaun will surely eat), and write a note saying something like this:


However, we did get one happy parent! This email says it all:

“Hi Scott and Jannine, here’s what happened at our house this morning. So Murphy set his Leprechaun trap last night, leaving a long trail of gold coins and all. Brushed his teeth and went to bed. But with every little noise he heard he was up until what seemed like midnight checking to see if he had caught anything. This morning he walked out to find that all his coins were missing. He walked in circles a couple of times wondering what was going on. I finally gave him a small flashlight so he could look inside the small opening he cut out for the Leprechaun to go into. And this is what he found or should I say caught.
For Christmas he got a red boy Elf on the Shelf who continues to this day to mysteriously move around the house doing interesting things. Everyday after school the kids race home to see if Mr. Jingles moved and what funny things he has done. We’ve been talking about introducing a girl Elf on the Shelf but he had no idea when or how she would arrive. Perfect timing actually because she arrived via. UPS just the other day and I’ve had her hidden in my sock drawer waiting to do something fun with. Then Murph brings home a trap and it all came together. Murphy and Emma were so totally excited and proud of themselves this morning that they had caught something. And now they have two Elf’s which they think actually move around. Well ya, they do really move.
Thanks so much for taking the time to help the 1st and 2nd graders make traps. This will probably be a moment in Murphy’s youth that he will always remember.

Happy St. Pats! Hope we gave you all some lucky ideas for next year!



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