Last week I had the title of this blog post sitting, as a subject line, in my inbox (thanks to one of those online business gurus I follow). And he’s 100% right.

To me, this picture sums it up. One kid dropping into the ‘big line’ while the other kid looks on and says, “are you sure about that?”.

That’s totally how we feel right now.

For almost 8 years, I have been thinking about starting a business that focuses on getting more kids on bikes. I’ve thought about revenue models, marketing strategies, product development, team building, fundraising, bootstrapping, etc. I’ve kept Jannine up at night with my obsessing over the idea.

And all that thinking has basically brought me back to one conclusion over and over again…

We need more time to figure it out, before we really launch.

As some backstory:

In 2014, we launched our first product through Kickstarter, the children’s book B is for Bicycles.
In 2015, we sold our bicycle store of 14 years to focus on this new company.
In 2016… we thought… we waited… we strategized…

But in all that time, we haven’t really LAUNCHED — told you, told the world — here we are, and this is what we’re doing.

I personally have been scared to actually launch. What if it’s not a good idea? What if I can’t explain it well enough to people? What products will we actually sell? How will we find the time to really dedicate to the business while working other jobs to pay the bills AND raise a family? What if the name isn’t great and the logo isn’t perfect?

Thankfully (I think), I got the email that reminded me of what I have been told over and over again by people I deeply admire — LAUNCH ALREADY!

OK, OK, I get it. LET’S LAUNCH!

Our Purpose: Inspire a happier, healthier world

Maybe it’s better stated as (see, it’s little things like this which have kept us from moving ahead):

  • Inspire a happier, healthier world through bicycles.
  • Inspire more kids to ride for life.
  • Inspire a better world through bikes.
  • Connect kids with the building blocks of life long happiness.

No matter — I think we’re clear on the purpose, and for now, that will have to do.

How we do it: By sharing the power of the bicycle with families.

What we deliver: Shared experiences that enhance the human powered childhood on wheels.

Whew — that feels good.

So what about B is for Bicycles? What about us being children’s book authors? Yup, we are. And that book is awesome! But here’s the point. We just want to get more kids on bikes. Why?

Because we believe bicycles are a simple solution to the world’s most complex problems.

Reading B is for Bicycles to your little one is just one example of a shared experience that enhances the human powered childhood on wheels. And when more kids ride bikes, they develop the fundamental building blocks of lifelong happiness, and the world is a better place.

B is for Bicycles is one example of products we want to create to power these shared experiences. And maybe, just maybe, gets kids riding bikes more.

What’s next? Haha — that’s what we’ve been wondering ;) Don’t worry, we’ll keep you in the loop as we go! Stay tuned for how to videos, web trainings, and information about our second book — all coming soon!

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