12 (+1) Gifts to Fuel Your Next Family Adventure

December 07, 2018

12 (+1) Gifts to Fuel Your Next Family Adventure

We’re big believers that some of the best things in life are free.

  • Long bike rides on a sunny day
  • Snuggling with your little one
  • High fives at your local bike shop

But we also know that this time of year, giving gifts to the people you love feels pretty darn good, too!

Since you’re committed to raising riders and living an adventurous life, here are the best things from companies we admire that are sure to  help fuel your next family adventure:

Woom Bikes for Energetic Kids

Doma Coffee for Tired Parents

La Bicicletta Blend: $.50 from each bag donated to advance women's cycling

Kodiak Cakes for Saturday Mornings

Supporting healthy, vibrant ecosystems

Buddy Pegs Trucker Hat for Sunny Days

Help us continue to put more families on bikes!


Saris Bike Storage Rack for the Neat and Tiddy

Made in the USA, committed to using their resources to enhance cycling on a local, state and national level.

Saris The Boss Bike Stand


100% Recycled Recover Brands T-Shirtfor Eco-conscious World of Buddy Pegs fans

Recover Brands are leading the way in sustainable apparel manufacturing.

 Recover Brands

Planet Bike Floor Pump for Prepared Pedalers

Fellow 1% For The Planet Members

Planet Bike Bicycle Floor Pump


B is for Bicycle Onesie for Baby Riders

Inspire the next generation!


Patagonia Tote for Gear Organization

Stepping up time and again for environmental causes.

Sticker Sheets for Stocking Stuffers

Just 'cause!

Songs to Change Your Tune by Ruth Wishengrad for a Blast of Positivity

Inspiring Children's Songs that will have you singing along!

Songs to change your tune


Give’r 4-Season Gloves for Chopping Wood

Inspiring everyone to give it their all!

Kate’s Handle Bar for Hanger Prevention

Organic, healthy, and locally made by hand (just down the street from Buddy Pegs HQ).

We know you chose where to spend your money wisely and look to support companies with great products AND great missions. These brands are some of our very favorites!

Know of any other rad companies we should know about? Hit reply and tell us who you’re supporting this holiday season!


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