A Mountain Bike Festival that SCREAMS families!

September 07, 2017

A Mountain Bike Festival that SCREAMS families!

So here at Buddy Pegs we tend to think that vacations including camping, friends, great entertainment and most importantly awesome mountain biking for the entire family are the best vacations ever!  Ok, maybe some of you would rather stay in a vacation rental with a hot tub and espresso maker...that's for another blog:)

The WYDAHO Rendezvous Mountain Bike Festivalthat is held every year over Labor Day weekend at Grand Targhee Resort, WY pretty much lives up to being one of the best MTB festivals of the year!

The WYDAHO festival is best know for it's bike demos. Many bike companies come with their 2018 models to demo over the weekend.  This is the first time many of these models are introduced to the consumer!  Yes, for a minimal fee (Only $99 for 4 days of demos, lift tickets and so much more!) you get a pass for 4 days of testing out some of the latest and greatest in bike technology.  It is quite amazing.  *Note, kids passes are only $39 and kids under 5 are free.

Grand Targhee has incredible cross country and lift access downhill trails that are all included in the festival pass.  This year they opened up their Shoshone lift for more beginner and intermediate trail access. This lift is perfect for the little rippers who want to test out their biking skills:)  

At this point in time there are no kids demo bikes at most of these festivals we attend :(, however we are working on that:)  Be sure to stay tuned for a follow up blog on this topic.

This amazing festival is put on by Teton Valley Trails and Pathways (TVTAP) and all of their amazing volunteers!  TVTAP promotes a trails and pathways connected community in Teton Valley.  They LOVE getting more kids on bikes.

Here at Buddy Pegs we created the Raise Riders Festival to help organizers plug in great kids activities during their events.  We are sort of like a fest within a fest. Many event organizers are happy to have us take the lead during their event!

This was our second year with the WYDAHO fesitval and we were blown away by the kids attendance.  Families love this event and it shows!

Not only did we coordinate and lead kids group rides over the weekend, but we also organized Scavengers Hunts, Cowbell decorating, number plate decorating, create your own obstacle course and other kid shenanigans. We essentially come into an event and do what it takes to help get more kids on bikes.  Yes Mom & Dad...YOU can ride together while we have your kid out on the trail....yippy:)

 We hope you will enjoy the following Photo Gallery and mark your calendar for Labor Day Weekend 2018 for the WYDAHO Fest.  You and your family will not be disappointed.


 Crushing the skills park

Blinging out helmets, number plates and cowbells.

One of the many kid friendly trails.

Scoping her line!

More amazing trails (Sheep Bridge)

Working on skills on Pinball.

OK...can it get any cuter!  Sporting our newest release Trucker Hat for infants.

Create Your Own Obstacle Course - the kids love this!

This gale is AWESOME!  Fun with decorating a number plate.

Ok, these 3 are awesome too.

Watch out Targhee...this little lady is ready to rip.

Fun for the ENTIRE family.

Getting ready to hit Pinball Skills Park.

The top of the new Shosone Lift.

These two tore up the trails on their 12" PEDAL bikes.  Yes, they are pedaling maniacs!

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