A Saturday filled with Bikes, Books and Community!

June 11, 2018

A Saturday filled with Bikes, Books and Community!

What better way to incorporate family shared time, bikes, local business and libraries?  Yes, a Reading Ride creates an amazing platform to weave all of this into a fun family experience that gets you all outside.

This past Saturday we hosted a Buddy Pegs Reading Ride in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with amazing support from Fitzgerald's BicyclesTeton County Library, Friends of Pathways, and Talesofamountainmama.com

We all met up at Fitzgerald's Bicycles to kick off the morning with a 'Decorate Your Own Number Plate' session.  Fitzgerald's blocked off the parking lot as families rolled in on their bikes and kids used their creativity to create masterpiece number plates.  

Before we rolled out we led the group in a quick 'safety' session to be sure all kids and their guardians were well versed in the rules of riding as a group and the rules of the road!  We had a fired up crew!

With the help of parents, grandparents and our awesome Buddy Pegs Ambassadors we pedaled about a 1/2 mile to the Teton County Library to help them kick off their Summer Reading program.  We had the kids on the larger wheels out front with our leader and the little's with their kick-bikes and even scooters take up the rear.  .

This grandpa is loving his time with his grandkids riding around on a electric cargo bike!

Team Buddy Pegs!

This awesome Dad ran the entire way!  Now that is a shared family experience:)

This little guy was actually up front with the big kids!

Once we settled into the yard of the library all kids were given a great swag bag that was organized by Ameiia of Tales Of A Mountain Mama.  Donated products included Kate's Bars, Friends Of Pathway's koozies and Buddy Pegs sticker packs.

Friends Of Pathways koozies to keep those juice boxes cold:)

Yummy, Kate's Bars

It was a gorgeous day so we circled everyone up under a stand of Aspen trees and Scott read our newest book, Taking The Lead.  Two of our young ambassadors (8 & 13 years old) would follow up with questions that pertained to the book.  Questions like, 'what is the name of your bike' and 'have you ever been frustrated' garnered very honest and amusing answers from the crowd of kids.

After the reading all the kiddos were entered into a raffle for some donated kids products from our friends at Cleary Bikes and Deuter.  This was organized through Amelia at Tales Of A Mountain Mama also!  The kids love some free kid swag:)

What a great day and we are so thankful to all who attended and our amazing partners.  Please reach out directly to us if you have questions about Reading Rides and how you can organize one in your town!  Contact me at jannine@buddypegs.com

In the meantime, keep your thumbs up and the rubberside down!

Be sure to check out all of our upcoming Summer events!  

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