Celebrating Another Successful Sea Otter Classic!

May 08, 2018

Celebrating Another Successful Sea Otter Classic!

Our second year at The Sea Otter Classic was an outstanding success for Buddy Pegs Media. We hope you enjoy the recap!

Sea Otter Classic Expo Area

The four-day family-friendly bicycle festival, featuring races, expos, seminars and more, draws over 70,000 people, hundreds of bicycle industry brands, and thousands of bike racers, to Monterey, California each April.

Since this is the largest annual bicycle festival in the world, we wanted to embrace the opportunity at Sea Otter and make a big impact. And we did!

Buddy Pegs booth at the Sea Otter Classic

Leading up to the event we worked closely with the Sea Otter Classic organizers who share our mission to get more kids and families involved in cycling. Together we hatched a plan to elevate an already outstanding family-friendly event.

Father and Daughter at the Sea Otter Classic 2018

Our Buddy Pegs Media "Headquarters” at the event was located next to the Specialized Kids Zone which featured a perfect “kid-friendly” pump track, a grassy playing field and a nice shelter for kids and families to relax and enjoy the beautiful California weather.

Specialized kids bicycle pump track at the Sea Otter Classic

Specialized bicycles kids easter egg hunt at the Sea Otter Classic

Over 500 kids stopped by and participated in our activities!

Decorate Your Own Number Plate

Every day we laid out all the materials needed for kids to go wild decorating their very own Buddy Pegs number plates. And of course, they were proud to put them on their bikes when finished!

This activity was so popular we ran out of supplies on the last day. So there you go! If you’re a parent, a babysitter or a bike shop looking to get kids excited to ride - help them decorate a number plate for their bike!

Decorate your own number plate at the Sea Otter Classic

The Buddy Pegs Scavenger Hunt

For the second year in a row, kids came to our booth to pick up a passport and set off on a hunt to find our characters hidden among participating partner booths in the expo area. Each character held a page from our first picture book B Is For Bicycles. All combined, the hidden letters spelled S-E-A-O-T-T-E-R of course!

Subaru booth at Sea Otter Classic

Schmiddy is keeping close watch over the Subaru tent before the event started! What a great brand to partner with!

Buddy Pegs scavenger hunt at the Magura booth - Sea Otter Classic

Poppawheelie hung with the Magura crew all weekend!

This simple and fun challenge inspired kids to explore the expo, visit our great partners, and wait just a little longer to say, “Mom...when can I get an ice cream?”

Buddy Pegs scavenger hunt at the Specialized bicycles booth - Sea Otter Classic

Watson enjoyed life in the shade at the Specialized family oasis!

When our little friends collected all the letters in the hunt, they came back to our booth for some great prizes from Buddy Pegs Media and our partners.

Winning prizes from Subaru and Clif Bar at the Sea Otter Classic

Passports complete at the Sea Otter Classic!

Passport complete at the Sea Otter Classic

Big thanks to Subaru, Clif Bar, Specialized Foundation, Magura, Frog Bicycles, Tasco Clothing, Trips For Kids, and NICA for joining in the hunt! We were so pleased to see so many companies and brands, big and small, support our goal to get more kids inspired to ride.

Buddy Pegs scavenger hunt at the Frog Bicycles Booth - Sea Otter Classic

The Frog Bikes Crew guarding "Master Mouse Kabibble"!

The First Live Podcast Booth At Sea Otter

To build on the momentum from our first children’s storytelling podcast season (you subscribed to The World Of Buddy Pegs right?), and the release of our new children’s picture book Taking The Lead, we invited over 30 industry leaders, pro athletes, and families to visit our booth over the weekend and participate in a new podcast series called “Taking the Lead Together”.

Rebecca Rush Sea Ottter Classic Buddy Pegs booth

Rebecca Rush was one of our amazing guests.

This series will focus on stories about people who have taken the lead in their families, their communities and their businesses to make the world a better place through cycling.

We were blown away by the response! So many great folks sat down with us and had incredible conversations. As you’ll hear in the interviews, there is real passion in this industry to more people riding more often and we all know that starts with getting more kids on bikes. Scroll to the end to see the incredible guest list

These interviews are just the beginning! We want to keep the conversation going with more leaders and influencers, so please let us know who you want us to talk to. Stay tuned for Taking the Lead Together series launching soon!

Thanks to all of you who came by our booth at Sea Otter Classic to say hi, buy a book, drop hugs & high fives, and make our trip to California a great one!

Enjoying the Monterey CA coastline

And of course, we got some beach time in!

Taking The Lead Together Sea Otter Classic Interviews:

Gary Fisher (Industry Legend, President of the Fisher Corp at Trek Bicycles)

Rich Tauer (President, Quality Bicycle Products)

Austin McInerny (President of NICA)

Dave Weins (Executive Director of IMBA)

Ted Theocheung (CEO, Specialized Foundation)

Marilyn Price (Founder, Trips For Kids)

Robert Alan Ping, (Executive Director, Trips For Kids National)

Andy Phelps, (Support and Sponsorship Manager, Trips For Kids)

Tim Goodall (CEO Isla Bikes USA)

Ginger & Brett Rosenbauer (Founders, Trailcraft Cycles)

Jeff Cleary (Founder, Cleary Bikes)

Rebecca Rusch (Pro Athlete)

Sabra Davison (Founder and Executive Director of Little Bellas)

Mike Riemer (Marketing Manager, Salsa Cycles)

Tim Kelley (General Manager, K-Edge)

Lelan Dains (Owner and Operations Manager for Dirty Kanza)

Lea Davison (Pro Cyclist, Former Olympian)

Kristen Bonkoski (Founder, Rascal Riders)

Jacob Rheuban (Founder, Prevelo Bikes)

Eric Porter (Pro Cyclist)

Ryan Loften (Founder of Marin Mountain Bike Camps)


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