Buddy Pegs Learn To Ride COVID-19 Policies

March 13, 2020

Buddy Pegs Learn To Ride COVID-19 Policies

Your Family's Health & Safety Are Our Top Priority.

We are taking the concerns regarding COVID-19 seriously and doing all we can to ensure health and safety for our participants. To that end, we are:

1. Postponing all group classes temporarily until we receive more guidance from the CDC and local leaders.

2. Continuing to offer Private Lessons for families with at least one parent present to ensure children are practicing social distancing.

3. During our Private Lessons, and once we re-open Group Classes, we will follow these protocols:

  • Adhering to CDC suggested practices for disinfecting high-touch parts such as our demo bicycles and helmets by spraying and wiping down with Isopropyl alcohol spray bottles-(70%+) after each use.
  • Suggesting that kids use their own helmets.
  • Reminding parents to practice catching coughs and sneezes with your children - Watch this video with your child.
  • Implementing the following behavior protocols at our classes:
    • A temporary moratorium on high fives, fist bumps, and all physical touch.
    • We will be requiring children to stand at a “social distance” from one another (arms length apart)
    • We will be teaching children how to “air high five” and “air fist bump”
    • We will not come in for a ‘team cheer' at the end of our sessions.
    • We will not be offering any arts and crafts and other ‘shared’ hand experiences.
  • Please consider these other CDC suggestions.

We are committed to keeping your family safe and will continue to promote practices that help keep our kids and community healthy.  

However, we are planning to continue holding our outdoor classes according to guidelines developed by health experts. At this time we feel that our small class sizes and outdoor classroom environment can be safely managed to help keep kids active and engaged once restrictions on public gatherings are eased.

We will continue to adjust our programming and practices as this situation continues to unfold and hope that you will reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

Thanks for your patience and please know that we will open up our programming as soon as we are able. We miss all the kiddos!

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