Awesome Family Fun At The 2017 Ride Sun Valley Festival

July 11, 2017

We love live events!

A big part of our community outreach during the 14 years we ran our bike shop (Fitzgerald’s Bicycles) was putting on fun, family friendly, events full of bike shenanigans!

SHəˈnanəɡənz/silly or high-spirited behavior; mischief.

When we launched Buddy Pegs, we knew that live events would still be part of our world. Can’t just sit home and write stories all day after-all!

So the Buddy Pegs Raise Riders Festival idea was born!

The basic gist of it is this… event promoters always want to do more for kids at festivals but rarely have the time to pull it off. So we come and give them an “event in a box”. All the kid fun a festival organizer wants… without any of the hassle of running it!

This year was our first time at theRide Sun Valley Festival. We had heard so many great things about this event and were honored to be a part of it.

As expected, the event lived up to all the great reviews and we HIGHLY recommend you put it on your calendar for next year (June 29th - July 1st, 2018).

I hope you enjoy the following “Top 10 things we love” about the Ride Sun Valley Festival:

#1: First things first! If you drive into Sun Valley from the South, a stop at the Hailey Bike Park is a MUST! I can’t think of a more scenic backdrop for a bike park…. Not to mention the automatic sprinklers that go on twice a day! WOW! Need more convincing… the bike park is right next to the community pool!

#2: The festival expo is downtown!! When you’re not out on the trails, you can listen to live music, grab some amazing food, stop by the ice cream stand, and visit all the vendor booths right in the middle of Ketchum Town Square. Here’s the Buddy Pegs scene next to our friends at Cleary Bikes.

#3: Kids were everywhere!! Festival organizers have done a great job of building the family scene over the years and it shows! Check out those sweet new Buddy Pegs lids!


Never go to a bike festival without sidewalk chalk! With so many kids riding around the expo area, we couldn’t resist making an impromptu obstacle course :)

#4: The Buddy Pegs SCAVENGER HUNT was a huge hit! We stashed pages from our book B Is For Bicycles all around the festival expo and the hunt was on. Kids who found and circled all the letters won a special Buddy Pegs sticker pack. Kids like these who wrote out the words for each letter got a bonus prize!

#5: Kid friendly trails are within striking distance to downtown. We rode to the River Run base area and hit some sweet single-track below the gondola with our 6/7 year old posse. But the base area also has some flat mellow terrain for kids as small as kick bike age.

We also did a run on the Corral Creek Trail!  This was really fun, however it is super busy so be sure to have a confident rider (or adult) in front, ring your bells to warn riders coming around the corner and keep the crew together!

#6: The Buddy Pegs DECORATE YOUR OWN NUMBER PLATE table was a huge hit! Festival kids were ready to bling out their bikes without hesitation!

#7: The Kid’s Mountain Bike Race, presented by Cox Communications, race field was deep! Great turnout for the kick bike, under 6, under 9, and under 12 divisions.

#8: Our first Buddy Pegs Podium! Ok, we don’t really get hung up on competition, but this little girl on the left pedaled so hard in her race that we couldn’t help but feel proud of her accomplishment.

#9: The 1st annual Ride Sun Valley Cox Community Bike Build was amazing.  Eight teams competed to build the fastest Scott kids bike before donating the bikes LIVE to local kids in need.

Local celebrities build and deliver bikes to their new owners!

Rebecca Rush (pro athlete)

Billy and Tanya Olson (owners of the must eat at Mt biker’s paradise restaurantThe Power House)

#10: Quite possibly the highlight of the weekend was Sunday’s Idaho State Pump Track Championship presented by Cox Communications at the Ketchum Bike Park.

Kids of all ages (including our very own 'Big' kid, Fitzy) were treated like pros by the amazing volunteer team that maintains the pump track and fires up local Sun Valley kids to come out and ride each week. Words and pictures only begin to explain how special this event is - don’t leave the festival early... if you have kids, this is a must attend event!

OK, this festival goes to 11!

#11) This picture....I mean, come on… isn’t this what it’s all about? The Ride Sun Valley Festival is helping #raiseriders and you have to go see it for yourself! Plan on being there next year!


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