Our Latest 'Steep Adventure'

August 24, 2018

Our Latest 'Steep Adventure'

Our little family has a long history of infusing steep adventure into our lives.  The examples are too numerous to list them all, so here are a few standouts:

  •  It all started with an amazing 200 person, 1980’s themed, wedding...in our backyard!  Priceless! Did anyone else dress up in 80's themed garb? Of course.... everyone!
    • For "Scott's honeymoon", we rented a sailboat from the cheapest company in the Caribbean and set sail...first time sailing open water mind you.  (P.S. I am still waiting for MY honeymoon:))
    • Announced we were pregnant to friends at the start of a 21 day Grand Canyon River trip. My OB doc was NOT thrilled.
    • Traveled 5 hours each way, once a week, for 8 weeks, for our son to get casted for club feet as a newborn.  (If you need an AMAZING pediatric ortho….we can suggest THE GUY!)
    • Started our own bicycle shop in 2002, moved the shop 3 times, ran it for 14 years, collected more than a few awards and accolades along the way, and then successfully sold it in 2015!  Phew...running a bicycle shop may be one of the steepest adventures to date.
      • Lifted our house and had it spun 180 degrees to get south facing light into our living space.  Not too mention a huge remodel  SO CRAZY! Talk about vertigo. We were running into walls for a few weeks after the spin!

      After...it all worked out! 

      • And finally, create a Start-Up children’s media company to change the world through the power of the bicycle!

      Through all this, we often joke that we're ‘training for the BIG ONE’... never knowing what that might be...well, until now maybe!

      Over the past 2 years of creating Buddy Pegs as a children’s media platform that inspires families to get off the couch and on the bike, we have successfully created fun content through children’s picture books, live events, podcast stories, You-Tube videos, and other digital media.  We have done this primarily from our awesome YURT headquarters in beautiful Teton Valley, Idaho.

      But recently we have really struggled with the limited amount of live events we have been able to participate in. We know the value of face time with all of our awesome families (and how much fun we have) so we decided to prioritize this going forward.  

      With the introduction of our new Bicycle Playdate initiative, the pieces started to come together...finally!

      When the light bulb exploded in my head I ran out of the yurt and headed for my south facing living space home…(about 20 feet across our lawn) to find my husband making us another cup of coffee….love him.

      Let’s rent our house, homeschool our son, live in a compact RV, and travel the southern portion of the country this winter to launch our new BIcycle Playdate initiative!” came blurting out of my mouth confidently! 

      Scott stared at me in disbelief. Somehow he knew I was NOT joking!  

      After spewing out a string of details and logistics that would make this our steepest adventure yet, he walked away to continue the work day...and wonder if I was having a nervous breakdown...you hear of a lot of start-up entrepreneurs have breakdowns...

      A few days later, out of the blue, he says, “let’s do it”! 


      With Yoda’s quote stuck in our head (not to mention the help from this annoying video) we decided to move into warp speed to put this thing together.

      Yes, we are officially announcing the launch of The Buddy Pegs Raise Riders Tour!

      The Buddy Pegs Media team is hitting the road this fall to help US families get off the couch and onto their bikes through our new “Bicycle Playdates” preschool family riding curriculum.

      From October 2018 through May 2019, Buddy Pegs Media will travel to US metro markets, engaging families with children 6 and under in the simple act of family bicycle riding (Oh and yes, all comfy cozy in a 23ft C-class camper..yikes) . The tour will serve as an extended launch event for the Bicycle Playdate curriculum model.

      Bicycle Playdates are infectiously fun, small-scale, bicycle-based experiences for families with children age 2-6 years old. Yes, kids are riding bikes starting at 2 years old these days!

      Video: What Is A Bicycle Playdate?

      Now that we have finally announced the big news, stay tuned for the launch of our new blog, video, and podcast series called 'STEEP ADVENTURE' where we give you an insiders look into our life on the road as we prepare to rent our home, set up these amazing playdates (hopefully in your town), create our homeschool curriculum, move into our new RV home, and meet inspiring people who are out there doing good work to advance cycling all over the country!

      There will be plenty of more steep adventure to add to the list....I promise!  

       - J9

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