Kid’s Mountain Biking Mecca: Part II- Outerbike Moab For The Whole Family

May 05, 2017

Kid’s Mountain Biking Mecca: Part II- Outerbike Moab For The Whole Family

Spring break from our kids school was not the sole reason we headed to Moab. We also headed down to participate as vendors at Outerbike Moab.

Outerbike is a tri-annual event that takes place in Moab (Spring & Fall) and Crested Butte (Summer).

Here is where you can test ride all the latest and greatest ‘big people’ bikes and gear. Yes, note the ‘big people’! What do you think, we think, is missing…

You are right! Where are the demo bikes and gear for ‘little people’?

This is the question Buddy Pegs was asking ourselves as we were looking into Moab for Spring break. This is the question we pitched to the organizers of Outerbike.


The organizers of Outerbike were very receptive to the conversation and invited us kindly to come down, set up our booth, assess what’s going on there, and give them some feedback on how to create a family/kid portion to their event!

These two are stoked to sticker up their bikes!


Happy Kids = Happy Dad!


Now, let’s back up a bit.

As we hit the trails with the kids the week previous to the event, we were absolutely floored by the number of families riding in the Moab area! We gave away a ton of Buddy Pegs Stickers to all the riding kids!

There were families and kids camping and riding EVERYWHERE. The trail development in Moab over the past 5–10 years has been incredible. There are so many amazing, family friendly trail systems down there.

All we kept thinking was, ‘wow, many of these families would love an opportunity to get their kids, as well as themselves, on the latest and greatest bikes’.

Flow Bikes out of Truckee was represented at our booth. This little bike converts from a 16" to 20.




We immediately realized the Spring Outerbike Event could become the annual ‘go to’ for families who want to test out some awesome gear for their kids. Kids can ride, parents can ride, and bike manufacturers can foster the pipeline to future customers!

It’s a win win situation.

These ladies are ready to rip!


Many of you are probably skeptical on how many parents are really interested in purchasing higher qualities bikes and bicycle products for kids who are going to quickly out grow them.

Well, I am here to tell you , more than you would think.

What is the most important things parents want for their children?

Yes, you are right. They want their kids to be happy and healthy! Selfishly they also want their kids to ride bikes like them too:)

So in this situation, we have parents who want to foster the love and excitement of the bike in their children. At the same time, they want to ride bikes too. Outerbike Moab in the Spring is the perfect opportunity for this.

Shameless plug for our Trucker Caps- Purchase your hat here.

You can bling out your bike with our Buddy Pegs Sticker Kit!

We were very impressed with how the organizers ran Outerbike. It was a super festive event and everything you needed was provided. The vendors were happy and so were the participants. There is amazing riding right out of the event for kids (Located at the Bar M Brand Trails).

We are currently putting together a proposal for the organizers of Outerbiketo create a family package for Spring 2018. We would LOVE if you could take part in this super quick survey.

So far we are at 75% of the folks saying YES to wanting access to kids demo bikes! With this info we hope to help create more opportunities for kids and families at various events.

Going Big!


Be sure to check back in for Part 3 from our Moab Trip. I will be talking about Happy MTB Kids When Riding In The Desert. I will address topics such as great kids trails and activities in Moab, useful tips, and other stories on desert Shenanigans!

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