May's Family Ride Challenge!

May 14, 2018

May's Family Ride Challenge!

Take a Family Ride To a Bike Shop!

It's Bike Month and May's Buddy Pegs ride Challenge is for the whole family!

To complete the challenge, hop on your Freedom Machines (that's what Watson calls his bicycle) and ride as a family to your favorite bike shop.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a block or a mile, we just want you to ride!

1. Ride as a Family to a local Bicycle Shop
2. Take a Fun Family Photo (just like the Spitaleri family at District Bicycles below)
3. Share it! 

District Bicycles
Email us a photo of your family at the shop or tag us if you post the picture on Social Media (@buddypegs).

One lucky family will win Buddy Pegs water bottles for the everyone!

Secret message! You get bonus points if you high-five the mechanic or get the bike shop guys to pose with you!

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