Family Fun at Grand Targhee Resort

June 20, 2018

Family Fun at Grand Targhee Resort

Nothing says FAMILY FUN like a day, or two, or three at Grand Targhee Resort in beautiful Alta, WY!

This past weekend we helped celebrate the annual opening of the Grand Targhee Bike Park and launch our new Buddy Pegs Media / Grand Targhee partnership.

There is so much for a family to enjoy at "The Ghee" and we are so excited to be part of the fun this summer!

Targhee has been our family's go-to, year-round weekend getaway for years. The trails are perfect for kids of all ages (you wouldn't believe all the balance bike kids who shred Targhee), the base area is mellow and easy to navigate, and the staff is always friendly and helpful. 

Spending a weekend at Targhee with kids is like hitting the easy button.

Targhee spent the last 5+ years building world-class cross country and downhill trails for all abilities and equipping two chairlifts with bike trays. This was a huge commitment and now it's paying off as families descend on the resort each weekend... but still not enough to make it crowded!

Watch Out Mickey, Bike Parks are the New Theme Park

This past year we started thinking about how families spend so much time and money traveling to theme parks for a vacation. Sure, we've done our fair share of Lego Land etc. And there's some fun to be had at those parks. But in the end, we walk away saying, "Geez... that was hot, crowded, expensive, and... to be honest.... a little boring!"

Imagine if more families chose a bike park getaway instead of a theme park trip?

Well... why not? 

Because it has to be SUPER fun for kids, and super easy for the parents that's why not. A family trip to a bike park can be complicated. The gear... navigating the right trails... motivating the kiddos to exert themselves over miles of singletrack.

But those issues can be tackled and we're up for the challenge!

Maybe Disney isn't shaking in their mouse boots just yet... but they will be soon :) 


Singletrack Scavenger Hunt

We took our characters and brought them to life on the beginner singletrack trails of Targhee so your family can enjoy a super fun (and FREE) Scavenger Hunt all summer long. 

Grand Targhee mountain bike trails

Kids as young as 4/5 years old can cruise the flowy mountain bike trails and search for our characters and treasure boxes along the way. Each box has special prizes and when they find all four they can win a bigger prize back at the base area.

Captain Endo from Buddy Pegs Media guides kid mountain bikers

Each character holds a trail etiquette sign that leads to a challenge.

To begin, head to the Activity Center and ask for your Scavenger Hunt Passport (a collectible bookmark of course).  

Singletrack Scavenger Hunt Bookmark

Then, follow the directions and hit the trails!

Finding the characters is fun, but finding the hidden "treasure boxes" near each character is the real adventure!

Ammo cans make great treasure boxes

Braden was in charge of "stocking" each Treasure Box :)

The Buddy Pegs Bicycle Playdate

Throughout the summer we'll also be leading some fun on-the-bike and off-the-bike activities for families withbalance bike riders and early pedalers. This past Saturday was our first Bicycle Playdate.

Activities included games and activities like Bicycle Hokey Pokey, Red Light Green Light (to practice stopping), and Build Your Own Obstacle course using chalk, cones, hula hoops and even teddy bears! 
Adult participation is a big part of the fun! 
To wrap up the hour-long playdate we set up a 'Decorate Your Own Number Plate' station as a way to wind down and let the kiddos tap into their creative side.  
Happy families rode away with their bikes blinged out and their kids feeling confident and happy:)

Interested in leading your own Bicycle Playdate? Learn more here.  

Trail Riding For The Bigger Kids

Voted one of theTop 5 Best Bike Parks in the Northwest on three years running, Grand Targhee offers something for everyone in the family!

For the younger kids, there are great 'green' cross country trails like Roundabout and Greenhorn. 

Now that our son (8 years old) is stepping it up a bit, we spent a lot of time this weekend on the Shoshone Lift, hitting the gravity trails!

It's good to "earn your turns" with a bit of climbing, but nothing gets kids more stoked (and confident on their bike) than a cruise down a lift access flow trail! 

If your kid likes to get after it a bit more...(aka, as a parent you are starting to NOT be able to keep up), there are incredible cross-country trails, like Mill Creek, that will blow you all away with amazing trail and insanely beautiful vistas!

We will also be co-hosting with Grand Targhee three FAMILY FRIDAYS this summer!

Aside from discounted lift tickets, drink and meal specials, and extended lift hours, there will be plenty of single track riding for families and a great 'Build Your Own Obstacle Course' for those kick-biking maniacs and early pedalers! 

Be sure to mark your calendars for the dates listed here:

Hope to see you up at Grand Targhee and in the meantime keep your thumbs up and the rubber side down!

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