Teton Totality - Awe Inspiring Total Eclipse 2017

August 23, 2017

Teton Totality - Awe Inspiring Total Eclipse 2017

For over a year now our little Teton County, of about 10,000 people, has been preparing for a HUGE influx of visitors as we sat right smack dab in the middle of the Totality line for Monday's Eclipse.  

This region was projected to get inundated with so many people that warnings of power, water and even sewer outages were issued.

Just before Totality

At Totality!

Many locals were prepared for grid lock and planned on not travelling far to watch the Eclipse. Most opted to stay in their yards to watch the amazing show.

Our family was originally planning on walking up the hillside outside our home and camping in a meadow above our town to watch the Eclipse.  This would have been a beautiful spot for sure.  

However, once we realized that the Apocalyptic amounts of grid-lock was not descending on our community and with a big PUSH from a close friend we decided to hike and camp at the Ice Caves up Darby Canyon with the intent on hiking to the top of Fossil Mountain (10,916 ft) to watch the Eclipse.   Oh, have I mentioned with a 5 and 7 year old? 

Fossil mountain in the background.

We were a bit concerned that such an undertaking with the little's would be a bit much, but as soon as we hit the trail we knew we made the right choice!

The game of asking every person on the trail "where they were from" easily kept the kids happy for hours.  There were a TON of people on the trail from all over.  (Lots of California and we even had Italy and Germany!)

After almost 2000 ft of hiking we settled in to a perfect camp spot just near a spring.  Easy access to water made things much easier!  Time for adult cocktails and the kids got busy building ant traps in the forest!  

Happy Eclipse Day!

We had a starry night to sleep under and then up early to start the 2,000 ft hike to the top of Fossil Mountain (10,916ft).  We assumed it would take us about 3 hours to get up there with the kids.

With a few piggy back rides for the 5 year old and an amazing scramble up a huge scree field (filled with 4 billion yo old fossils) we made it to the top just before the moon started getting into place.

Let the scramble begin.

Along with about 50 other people we waited and watched as the moon slowly closed the path to the sun.  The excitement was high and watching the light change, the temperature drop all while looking out over the Teton range AND over our Teton Valley, Idaho was amazing.

At that moment before totality we watched the most amazing shadow line of darkness swallow us up as it passed from West to East!  Words cannot describe the awe that we all felt.  Absolutely incredible!


As soon as it was dark it was light again!  After big hugs and high fives with our small group as well with the other spectators on top we fueled up and got ready for the 4,000 ft descent to our car.

We were absolutely amazed with how well our kids did.  Sans a couple of fatigue melt downs they stayed strong (with the help of knowing that as many scoops of ice cream they want were in their future) and got to the bottom without any major drama!  

It's never too old or too young to become an umbraphile and this total eclipse easily created 5 more!  Here's to July 2019 in Chile/Argentina!   See you and your family there!:)

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