Why we spoofed the viral Chatbooks video

June 16, 2017

Why we spoofed the viral Chatbooks video

Ok… first of all… have you seen it? We’re kinda dorks at heart and we have a new video that just posted. Probably ought to watch it before going forward here :)


Now let’s back up a bit and we’ll give you the inside story on how this crazy idea came about. It’s always fun getting the “inside story” right?

The Back Story

Way back when we owned our bike shop, Fitzgerald’s Bicycles, we decided to get into the whole video marketing game. We LOVED getting outside the conventional marketing channels shops get stuck in so we thought fun promo videos would be a great way to connect more with our audience. For more backstory onthat… read Seth Godin’s bookPurple Cow (my favorite book of all time)!

Anyway, through the evolution of becoming video producers, we stumbled upon a passion for creating spoofs of viral internet videos. Our most famous one was ourDollar Shave Club Spoof. Check out that blue steel look!

Fast forward to now and our SUPER EXCITING upcoming Kickstarter campaign for our second children’s book (we think it’s super exciting anyway).

For this project, we wanted to communicate how passionate we are about helping adults raise successful, happy kids. Of course we do that through sharing the power of the bicycle through old school storytelling. Bikes empower kids with the tools of self confidence, resilience, independence, and determination … for life.

But how can we deliver that message without sounding too preachy or boring? Enter… the viral Chatbooks video! Now it’s probably worth a watch of that video before you go on!


Assembling the Team

With this crazy idea in hand, we started building the team… and FAST! The Kickstarter launch was coming in 3 weeks!! (Yes… we really conceived, wrote, filmed, and edited this video in 3 weeks… yikes!)

First step… beg (only kidding a little) our great friends at Fisher Creative to get on their production schedule… totally a last minute request for a very in demand production company. We need to buy them more beer come to think of it…

Despite a ridiculously busy schedule… they said yes! Eternal gratitude!

Now the fire drill was in full swing.

Next up, find a house location for the shoot. Um… our house is just not that sweet. Again, thanks to amazing support from local friends Molly and Allen, we had the house booked. As Irish luck would have it, they were out of town for the exact day we needed to film!

Filming Day 1

We had one day in the house to shoot all the indoor scenes. No problem… if you don’t have a 3 year old and a 7 year old in the mix. Yes, it’s true…. Working with kids (and animals) is… uh… challenging…

It was go time and the clock was ticking so we dove right in. First up was the kid shots… waaaay better to get those done first. Nap time was coming and our little buddy Liam was on a tight schedule! Full disclosure, we kept our son out of school that day - it’s in his contract that he makes himself available for video shoots ;)

Once the kids scenes were done, we started flying through set changes, camera changes, and line memorizing. It was a WHIRLWIND day and the Fisher Creative boys, Nick and Dan, brought the right attitude and stamina!

Jannine told us all day how awful she was… ha!  How wrong she was!!

Amazing… Nick is actually outside the house, on a stool, in the bushes… and smiling about it!  #rockstar

Thankfully Jannine didn’t actually fall asleep on the set… came close though as this scene was at the end of the day! Oh… and cue the Sarah Palin jokes!

Nick and Dan went the extra mile to get the shots lined up before we called the “talent” out of the green room.

Filming Day 2

After a couple of rain and wind delays, we were able to finish up the shoot at the Victor Bike Park. Braden was a trooper to wait patiently for his part. But the real champ was Jannine who suffered through unbearable heat while laying on what turned into a solar collector while dressed for a MUCH colder day. Thankfully her agent (or OSHA) wasn’t present to put the brakes on!

A video shoot at the local bike park wouldn’t be complete without a random kid in a sleeveless shirt hitting jumps in between takes. He was super nice to wait until we gave him the green light. Which we did often!

When you don’t have one of those fancy things that directors click when they say “action”, the talent just claps their hands to synch the audio!


Nick and Dan insisted on getting it right...while Jannine continued to MELT! The shoot was complete with a sliding camera boom and a RED 4K camera - super pro!

All in all it was a super fun process that we feel gets across our message with a lot of humor!  Please let us know your thoughts!

We hope you will back us on DAY 1, Tuesday June 20th, for the Kickstarter Launch of our second book.  

We will provide the Kickstarter URL on Tuesday Morning! Please sign up here if you have not done so already to get your VIP rewards for launch Day!





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