WYDAHO Rendezvous Recap

May 03, 2017

WYDAHO Rendezvous Recap

One of our favorite things to do at Buddy Pegs is to interact with parents and kids LIVE and in person! This year, we offered to help take the WYDAHO Rendezvous Mt Bike Festival to the next level with our Buddy Pegs Grom Fest.

Event organizers Teton Valley Trails and Pathways, and site host Grand Targhee Resort, were amazing to work with and the weekend was a HUGE success!

What’s a Buddy Pegs Grom Fest you ask? Well, having been involved in planning too many bike events to count, I can tell you two things for sure. 1. Event organizers always want to elevate the kids’ festival experience, and 2. they never have the bandwidth to really pull it off.

Running a bike event is extremely hard work and there are more moving pieces than a coaster brake hub.

So we decided to help. Now when festival organizers want to throw more kid activities into their schedule, all they need to do is plug in a Buddy Pegs Grom Fest package and boom — they’re done.

Grom: evolving from surf culture, the term grom is occasionally used to describe young surfers (or in this case bikers) who rip.
  • Group rides galore
  • B is for Bicycles scavenger hunt
  • Build your own bicycle obstacle course
  • Decorate your own number plate
  • Paint your own cowbell

The festival was amazing and the groms were pumped all weekend long!

Here’s a photo stream of how the weekend unfolded — hope you enjoy!

B is for Bicycles Scavenger Hunt

For WYDAHO, it wasn’t hard to figure out which letters to pick! Check out our sweet Event Guide that each kid received when they arrived.

Before the event began, we “hid” letters from B is for Bicycles on 6 different kid friendly trails.

During the group rides, we stopped to mark off the letters as we found them!

The stoke level was HIGH at the Buddy Pegs booth before every group ride!

Amazingly, there was almost no complaining on the trail. The power of group rides :)

In between rides, we made sure to have lots of other activities to keep everyone happy. There’s way more than actually riding that is fun about bikes.

The decorate your own number plate sessions were always packed!

Proud papa in the background!

Once installed, the number plates clearly added super powers to each bike.

The build your own obstacle course was also a big hit. All it takes is some sidewalk chalk, and a few pieces of scrap lumber!

We were blown away at how many kids joined us for every group ride :)

Before dropping into Chutes and Ladders.

Grand Targhee is berm-tastic!


When it was all said and done, WYDAHO 2016 was all thumbs up! See ya next Labor Day weekend!

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