The World of Buddy Pegs is a series of free audio stories about bicycle riding dogs and cats
who inspire kids of all ages to get out and ride their bikes!

About The Show

The World of Buddy Pegs is a series of free original children’s audio stories for families who want to share the inspiration
and empowerment of bicycling with the next generation.

Each episode starts at the local bike shop Buddy Pegs which is run by two dogs who are on a mission to bring the power of the bicycle
to all the animal characters who reside in the fictional town Spokesville.

In Part 1 of this story, the owners of the local bike shop Buddy Pegs, Wrigley and Watson, find out there’s a new bike thief in Spokesville who has left two pups wondering what happened to their beloved bikes.

With the help of their superhero alter egos Poppawheelie and Captain Endo, Watson and Wrigley head off on a mission to “saaaaaave the day, or at least recover the stolen bikes”!

Safe and fun for kids of all ages!

For more great tools to help inspire the little people in your life to get out and ride, visit the Buddy Pegs website: BuddyPegs.com

Questions? Ideas? Requests? Email us! jannine@buddypegs.com.

Enjoy the ride!