Bike Camps For Kids

Thanksgiving | Winter Break | Spring Break | Summer

3 Types Of Bike Camps To Choose From

Learn To Pedal Camp

Learn To Bike Camp
  • For kids not yet pedaling on two wheels (without the aid of training wheels).
  • Most campers are pedaling confidently by mid-week.
  • Individual skills progression.
  • We make learning to ride FUN!

Bike Adventure Camp

Adventure Bike Camp
  • Crank out some adventures and improve safe riding skills on wide multi-use trails and low traffic neighborhood streets.
  • Riding adventure away from base camp will be a highlight with distances varying by ability level each day!
  • Children will be grouped by ability level.
  • Super fun on-the-bike and off-the-bike games and craft activities round out the week.
  • Bike skills taught include: brake modulation, emergency braking, steering control, riding in a group, riding up and down hills, traffic safety, and yielding to other trial users. 

Mountain Bike Camp

  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced trail riders.
  • Off-road bike skills and activities include: brake modulation using front and back brakes, steering in control, looking ahead, bike body separation, ready position, riding in a group, front wheel lifts, climbing and descending safely, and yielding to other trail users.
  • Off-the-bike activities include bike cleaning and maintenance, bike safety checks, and bike themed games and crafts.

Note: Training wheels are not allowed. Children on training wheels should sign up for our Learn To Pedal camp. Bike rentals available.


Spring Break & Summer Camps – Kansas City / Bentonville / Rogers / Springdale / Fayetteville, Arkansas

Bike Skills, Teamwork, Stewardship & Fun
For All Ability Levels!


Kicking and gliding on a balance bike (no pedals). Able to stop by dragging feet and change direction by turning the handlebars.


Pedaling (without training wheels) on pavement and some very easy, flat, wide dirt trails.
Not yet confident cranking up hills and/or controlling speeds on downhills.


Able to climb and descend paved pathways/greenways. Comfortable modulating speeds on downhills.
Riding beginner rated mountain bike trails with moderate confidence – even a little bit of climbing / descending.
Handbrakes are required. Multi-speed bikes recommended.


Riding confidently on smooth, beginner and some intermediate rated singletrack trails.
Comfortable with short climbs and descents, cornering on small berms, and navigating rolling terrain with small table tops (with little to no jumping).
Confident with both slowing and stopping unexpectedly.
Handbrakes and multi-speed bikes are required. Front or full suspension recommended.

5+ PAW

Confident on all blue square / intermediate mountain bike trails and some black diamond / advanced trails.
Frequently catching air off jumps and landing in control.
Able to quickly anticipate changes in terrain by shifting gears, modulating both brakes, and moving their body independent from their bicycle to stay in control.
Sustained climbs are not a problem.
Must have graduated previous class or be signed off on by a coach.
Handbrakes, multi-speed bikes and front suspension are required.