Trailcraft Pineridge 24 SPECIAL BUILD

Bike Price: $1349

The 2020 Pineridge 24 Special Build bike is our high performance "new school" 24-inch frame geometry machine featuring super light weight components, and 3 cool color options!  We also dropped over 1/2 pound of weight (as well as $100.00 from 2019 version) just in time for the Christmas season!  This is THE bike which started the lightweight kids bike movement, and our 2020 Pineridge 24 Special Build is now just 22.15 pounds ready to ride with pedals!  We advertise all of our bike weights, because a lighter bike is a faster bike which also allows kids to ride farther, deeper and more smiles per mile.  This is the next level in kids high performance bikes at a more budget friendly price.

There is a reason you see more Trailcraft bikes next to the kids on the podium blocks - it's because these bikes are super light!  You've probably done your research at this point and are seeing other bikes are pounds heavier, with heavier wheels and probably a heavier fork not correct for the wheel size.  We continue to build with a proper 24" fork because a lower front end creates better power and doesn't wander when climbing like 24" bikes with taller head tubes and 26" forks.  This bike also has the newest 2020 RST First 24 air suspension fork.  We prefer to build this 24" hardtail bike with a true 24" fork to keep the front end as low as possible (higher front ends wander when climbing) and keep weight as low as possible.  At just 1580 grams, this RST First 24 is a light weight leader in the category.

The 24 inch wheel size is the one where kids learn key life long riding skills which will carry through the rest of their mountain bike riding career.  The 24" bike is also the size which your kid is on the longest - three full years (in most cases) if they are coming on the bike in the 4'1" rider height. Take your kids riding to the next level into the 2020 season and beyond on a professional category leading bike.

We spec the absolute best components on the Pineridge 24, and with component technology improving we are able to drop even more weight from our bike.  The 2020 Pineridge 24 Special Build gets some pretty awesome updates to the frame which include full length internal cable routing for the rear derailleur and rear brake, as well as full stealth dropper cable routing for a SUPER PRO look when your ripper is ready for a dropper post.

We spec an 11-42 cassette and 28 tooth chainring so your young rider will spend more time in the saddle rather than pushing uphill.  Additionally, on this 2020 Special Build we spec our new Trailcraft direct mount cranks which sheds over 100 grams from our previous crank.

This is absolutely the best spec in its category for a kids high performance 24" mountain bike with a total weight of just 22.15 pounds!  


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