Your Family’s Health & Safety Are Our Top Priority

We want to inform you of the proactive steps Buddy Pegs is taking to ensure families feel safe during our classes and programs.  We are taking the concerns regarding COVID-19 seriously and doing all we can to ensure health and safety for our participants. To that end, we are:

Specifically, we are:

  • If your child or anyone in the child’s household is experiencing Covid symptoms PLEASE DO NOT COME TO CLASS OR SHOP.   Symptoms include coughing, shortness of breath and elevated temperature.
  • Adhering to CDC suggested practices for disinfecting high-touch parts such as our demo bicycles and helmets by spraying and wiping down with Isopropyl alcohol spray bottles-(70%+) after each use.
    • ALL ADULTS including Coaches, Parents & Caregivers MUST have a mask on at all times – Outdoors and Indoors.  (Coaches leading MTB sessions may pull down mask when actually riding but pull up when addressing kiddos).  Kids can lower masks when actively pedaling OUTSIDE.  
    • Kids will be required to wear masks for indoor sessions.
    • MASKS MUST cover nose…PLEASE 
  • Kids must use their OWN HELMETS.  Buddy Pegs Family Ride HQ has helmets from Nutcase, Troy Lee and Kali available for purchase.
  • Reminding parents to practice catching coughs and sneezes with your children – Watch this video with your child.
  • Implementing the following behavior protocols at our classes:
    • A temporary moratorium on high fives, fist bumps, and all other non-essential physical touch. (‘Essential’ touch is when a coach reaches out to keep a child from falling.)
    • We will be teaching kids to stand at a “social distance” from one another (arms length apart)
    • We will be teaching the kids how to “air high five” and “air fist bump”
    • We will not come in for a ‘TEAM’ cheer at the end of our sessions.
    • We are cancelling any arts and crafts and other ‘shared’ hand experiences.
  • Please consider these other CDC suggestions.

We are committed to keeping your family safe and will continue to promote practices that help keep our kids and community healthy.  We will continue to adjust our programming and practices as this situation continues to unfold.  Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns

Jannine Fitzgerald