Your Family’s Health & Safety Are Our Top Priority

Buddy Pegs has been working hard and is committed to helping arrive at a new COVID-19 policy that addresses the current rise in cases and maintains our prioritized goals. 

As we all know, the situation seems to change daily and we will update and change our policy as we see fit for the safety of our staff and our customers.

It has become clear that we will not be able to make everyone happy with this decision about our COVID-19 policy.  After weighing all the publicly available scientific information, local and CDC guidelines, team member input, and our conscience we have made a decision so everyone in our Buddy Pegs community can have the clarity they need to make decisions right for them and their families. 

We recognize there may be members of our community who deeply disagree with our decisions here, and to those, we simply ask for your grace.

Our goals are to: 

  1. Protect the health of our employees to the best of our abilities.
  2. Protect the health of our customers (especially young children (0-4 years old) who are unable to be vaccinated) to the best of our abilities.
  3. Broadcast a clear and appropriate response to the situation that allows us to maintain customer trust and programming enrollment

Until otherwise updated, here are our COVID-19 policies:

  1. All Buddy Pegs employees must be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus to coach children in our programs.

  2. All employees, must wear a mask while indoors, regardless of vaccination status.   We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that all customers wear masks as well.

  3. All parents/guardians  must wear a mask while attending an indoor class in ride center.  We highly recommend only 1 parent/caregiver attends each class.
  4. All employees/coaches must wear a mask when engaging with a child both indoors and outdoors when closer than 6’.

  5. Buddy Pegs Bus Policy:  All coaches and kids will wear masks at ALL times when traveling in the Buddy Pegs Bus.  No eating and drinking while on the bus. 

Please reach out with any questions or concerns.

Simon Brown
Chief Of Staff
(479) 268-4030