Elementary Age
Bike Programs

Welcome, Adventure Parent

We Teach Self-Confidence, Resilience, and Connection to Nature

While Developing an Important Life Skill – Bike Riding.

Bike Skills + Life Skills

Self-Confidence | Resilience | Social Skills | Lifelong Family Adventures on Bikes 

Learn To Pedal

After School | Evenings | Home School

Coach teaching children to ride a bike


Learn To Pedal

Kids 5-7 years old 

Learn to ride without training wheels

4-Week Series

Bike Clubs

After School | Evenings | Home School

Coach teaching children to ride mountain bikes


Bike Club

Kids 5-10 years old 

Beginner through advanced riders

Greenway & Mountain Biking Skills Development

Trail School

Saturday | Sunday

Coach teaching children to ride mountain bikes


Trail School

Kids 5-10 years old 

Beginner through advanced riders

Greenway & Mountain Biking Skills Development

Ride from Buddy Pegs HQ

 Ride from Buddy Pegs HQ

* All Bentonville Bike Clubs and Trail Schools will offer 2, 3, 4, 5 Paw groups (sorry, no training wheels or balance bikes)

* Membership required for all Weekday Bentonville Bike Clubs SEE OUR MEMBERSHIP RATES

* Drop-ins welcome at all Weekend programs including Trail School (must sign up 24 hours in advance)


Buddy Pegs bike coaches with kids at bike summer camp

All Memberships Include:

  • Priority advanced notice on registration for all classes and events.
  • 10% off at Buddy Pegs on parts, accessories, and labor
  • 1 free bike rental/month (friends in from out of town, demo a new type of bike)
  • Discounted pricing on Birthday Parties & Camps
  • Free open ride times in the Buddy Pegs HQ Ride Room and Backyard Skills Course (with access to ramps and other features)
  • Free initiation including bike fitting, helmet fitting, and bicycle safety check
  • Free entry to Buddy Pegs races
  • Special Member rides & parties
  • 2 Buddy Passes each month (bring a friend!)
  • and more…

Cancel Anytime With Our Frictionless Cancelation Guarantee (FCG)

Family New Member Referral Program

Refer a new Member who has not ben to Buddy Pegs before and get one month free!

Any Questions?

Call us: 479-268-4030

Email us: programs@buddypegs.com 

Elementary Parent FAQs

Simple. Our Membership program was built to give parents extreme scheduling flexibility and value. Once your child has a membership, they can register for any Buddy Pegs Bike Club or Weekend Trail School for FREE. Come as many times as you want each week. Change your schedule week to week as needed.

As a Member, you still need to enroll in each of the individual classes to let us know your child is coming so we have enough coaches scheduled.

For example, if you want to come to a Wednesday Bike Club each week of the month, you would need to sign up for 4 individual Wednesday Bike Club times. While this may seem like extract work on your part, it’s the only way we can offer you the extreme scheduling flexibility week to week. Which we think you’ll really appreciate. 

Easy peezy thanks to our Frictionless Cancelation Guarantee. Just let us know you are wanting to cancel and we will stop your membership and refund your money (prorated on the month you cancel).

We have a rain or shine riding policy except for lightning or extreme weather events. Most of the time class is not cancelled and we teach our kiddos how to dress appropriately for rain and cold temps. If a weather event causes a cancelation we will send an email the day of the class. 

Yes, our weekend Trail School on Saturday and Sunday is open to 1 day sign ups 24 hours in advance.

Our mid-week Bike Clubs are only open to Members. However, we intentionally keep the cost of our Unlimited Membership very low so families who can only come once a week do not over pay. If you do the math, you’ll see that at even 1x per week our rates are in line with other programs that have have such low coach to student ratios.

It still exists and we will continue to offer our Bike Clubs immediately after school.

The only change is our Membership plan. In the past, you had to sign up for ONE time slot per week and stick to it. Our previous price for that 1 x week After School Bike Club was $140.

Now your child can come multiple days per week for almost the same exact price! 

Membership = more value and more flexibility for you!

You can bring your child to any weekend Trail School 1 day at a time.

If you want your child to come to a mid-week Bike Club, yes, you need to buy a Membership.

However, we keep the price low enough that even 1 x week is a great value.

If your child is having fun and you want to bring them to an additional class now and then (including weekends)  – you can!

Your schedule changes one week and you can’t make your regular time? No problem – switch to a different day that week.

Plus, you get discounts at the bike shop and loads of other benefits as a Member.

Please take a look and do the math. We think you’ll be very happy with Membership even if you only come once per week.

Buddy Pegs Pro Parent Tip:
No worries, we hear that all the time and assure you it is very common. In our Buddy Pegs classes, we let all students know right away that 1) training wheels aren’t allowed and 2) we will help all students safely master their balance first, before we start thinking about adding pedals.
After that we remove the pedals and training wheels, turning their pedal bike into a balance bike. Once we get them confidently gliding, the pedals come easily. We got this!

Buddy Pegs Pro Parent Tip:
Yup, again, no worries, we hear that all the time and assure you it is very common. But what is also very common is that almost all kids love biking once it is introduced the right way. “How did you get my child to love biking in one class?”, is what we often hear. And hey, it’s not magic. We simply combine the right environment (fun, no pressure, kids of the same ability level), great coaches, and the right equipment. The magic comes from inside each child when they get a taste of the unique feeling of freedom on two wheels. Oh… and don’t beat yourself up if this isn’t working at home – it can be really hard to do as the “parent/coach” 🙂

We develop our own curriculum focused on safe riding skills from never-ever through advanced mountain biking.

Play-Based Learning and Social-Emotional Learning standards are woven seamlessly into all our lesson plans.

While other youth bike programs are focused on the competitive aspects of bike riding, Buddy Pegs is focused on developing a life long love of cycling, outdoor adventure, and family riding in every student we work with.

We work on advancing bike skills with every student without any unintended pressure to compete and ride faster.

First, all children in our programs must be “signed off” for safe on-street riding by one of our coaches. Children must demonstrate safe braking, steering, and group riding before heading out on any street.

Second, we only ride on low traffic neighborhood streets with our students.

Third, students must always follow a Buddy Pegs coach while riding on streets.

Finally, our Coaches take a designated route while riding through downtown.

Take a look at our route here.

Yes you can! You can pause your membership once per calendar year for up to 3 months. All you have to do it email Simon at simon@buddypegs.com and notify him of the pause and commit to return. If you do not return after 3 months, your membership will be cancelled and forfeit any original special pricing plan. To unpause, email Simon with a 7 day notice of the desired re-joining date.

Bike riding kids in Bentonville, Arkansas next to OZ Trails wall

Bike Clubs: Mid Day, After School + Weekends

5-10 year-olds


  • Help children learn to safely enjoy group rides to develop a lifelong love of riding bikes
  • Develop individual bike riding skills at all levels
  • Connect biking to family fun in every child’s mind
  • Social Emotional Learning skills developed: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Responsible Decision Making, Social Skills, Relationship Skills

At least 5 years-old
Child must be pedaling independently without training wheels

Let Us Help You Pick The Right
Class For Your Little Adventurer

Buddy Pegs Paw Levels

All Buddy Pegs programs are built to make sure your child is in the right group.
We determine groups based on ability level, not just age.


Kicking and gliding on a balance bike (no pedals). Able to stop by dragging feet and change direction by turning the handlebars.


Pedaling (without training wheels) on pavement and some very easy, flat, wide dirt trails.
Not yet confident cranking up hills and/or controlling speeds on downhills.


Able to climb and descend paved pathways/greenways. Comfortable modulating speeds on downhills.
Riding beginner rated mountain bike trails with moderate confidence – even a little bit of climbing / descending.
Handbrakes are required. Multi-speed bikes recommended.


Riding confidently on smooth, beginner and some intermediate rated singletrack trails.
Comfortable with short climbs and descents, cornering on small berms, and navigating rolling terrain with small table tops (with little to no jumping).
Confident with both slowing and stopping unexpectedly.
Handbrakes and multi-speed bikes are required. Front or full suspension recommended.

5+ PAW

Confident on all blue square / intermediate mountain bike trails and some black diamond / advanced trails.
Frequently catching air off jumps and landing in control.
Able to quickly anticipate changes in terrain by shifting gears, modulating both brakes, and moving their body independent from their bicycle to stay in control.
Sustained climbs are not a problem.
Must have graduated previous class or be signed off on by a coach.
Handbrakes, multi-speed bikes and front suspension are required.

Super Duper Buddy Pegs 5+ Year-Old Flow Chart