Eric Porter found his love for bikes exploring his local trails as a kid in Louisville, Kentucky. Before long he was crowned the National Downhill and Slalom Champion in 2001.

From there Eric launched a professional Freeride mountain bike career competing all over the world and pushing the boundaries of ride style in mountain bike films.

These days, Eric lives in Midway, Utah with his wife and two young sons while working closely with Diamondback Bikes helping design and test many of their latest models on trails around the world, representing Clif Bar and Magura as a sponsored athlete, and helping drive local trail development as the vice president of the Wasatch Trail Alliance.

As I think you’ll hear in this interview, what we admire most about Eric is that he truly lives to share the stoke. Whether it’s introducing his two sons to the mountain lifestyle he loves so much, or introducing people he meets to all aspects of cycling from mountain biking to road, gravel, bike packing and everything in between. So throw your earbuds in, head out for a ride, and listen to Eric’s incredible journey from a mountain biker to a true cyclist.

This interview was recorded Live from the Buddy Pegs Media booth at the 2018 Sea Otter Classic in Monterey CA.

We built this interview series from the title of our newest children’s picture book Taking The Lead that follows our animal characters along a journey to open a local bike shop and inspire their town to ride. We hope you enjoy these personal stories from bike industry executives, non-profit leaders, pro athletes, and families just like yours who are celebrating kids on bikes and inspiring families to get off the couch... and out for a ride.


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