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Pre-K Age Classes

We’re Here to Help You Build Confident Kids & Connected Families!

Did you know that 85% of a child’s intellect, creativity, and skills develop by the age of 5.

Bicycles are the perfect vehicle to support the healthy development you want for your kiddos.


Bike Clubs

Schools out for the day – let’s ride! After school bike club is a chance for your elementary age children to further develop their bicycle skills, safety, and fitness.

These multi-week sessions give kids the opportunity to safely explore their community on two wheels, experience the camaraderie of group bike rides, and develop lifelong tools of self-confidence, resilience, and connection to the physical world around them.

Buddy Pegs Ride Leaders will work hard to ensure that all kids individually progress in their skills and double their excitement for biking throughout each class.

Kansas City Bike Clubs Coming Soon!


What’s better than one class of Buddy Pegs? A FULL camp dedicated to having fun and exciting bike rides filled with teamwork, stewardship, and connections! 

Camps are perfect for helping your kiddos grow physically, socially, and emotionally while developing bike skills, lifelong passion, and friendships.

  • Spring Break Camps
  • Summer Camps
  • Thanksgiving Camps
  • Winter Holiday Camps


Private Lessons

Buddy Pegs early childhood cycling coaches and mountain bike coaches are ready to introduce your little explorers to the wonders of a childhood on two wheels and the tools of lifelong happiness and success that comes from it.

Private lessons contain a fun-filled biking experience with one of our very own energetic biking coaches to help your kiddo strive!


Birthday Parties


Looking for a socially distant way to celebrate your child’s birthday?

Nothing says ‘best birthday ever‘ like a bicycle party!


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Meadowbrook Park
Park Prairie Village, Kansas

New Classes Coming Soon!


Meadowbrook Park
Park Prairie Village, Kansas

More Classes Coming Soon!


New Bike Clubs Coming Soon!

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Spring Break Camp Link Goes Live January 15th

Summer Camp Link Goes Live January 21st

Buddy Pegs Ability Level Finder
Click through a few simple questions to find the right class for your child!


Ages: 5-7 (8+ we recommend private lessons)
Current Ability Level: Training Wheels

  • For kids who are not yet pedaling on two wheels (without the aid of training wheels). 
  • Most campers are pedaling confidently by mid-week.
  • Individual skills progression.
  • Powered by Buddy Pegs “Balance First” Curriculum.
  • We make learning to ride FUN!

At least 5 years-old


Meadowbrook Park Prairie Village, KS


Ages: 5-10
Current Ability Level: 2, 3, 4, 5 Paw Ability Levels (see our ability ratings below)

  • The highlight of the year for every kid on a bike!
  • All ability levels from wobbly riders to advanced 
  • Whether your child is new to rolling along mountain bike skills out on the trails!

At least 5 years-old
Pedaling independently without training wheels


Meadowbrook Park Prairie Village, KS

Smiling child learning to ride a bike

PRE-K Classes

Ages: 18 mos-4 year-olds
Current Ability Level: Walking 

  • Balance Bike Classes
  • Learn To Pedal Classes
  • Introducing fundamental bike skills
  • Developing a love of cycling and outdoor adventure at the earliest ages

At least 18 mos-old


Meadowbrook Park Prairie Village, KS

Your child’s ability level

We know kids and we know how they ride

Currently on training wheels
Balance Bike

Wobbly Pedaler
No Training Wheels

Confident Pedaler on Pavement
Beginning to ride beginner mountain bike trails

Confident on beginner mountain bike trails.
Beginning to ride intermediate mountain bike trails.

Confident on intermediate mountain bike trails.
Comfortable hitting small to midsize jumps.

Bike Skills + Life Skills

Self-Confidence | Resilience | Social Skills | Lifelong Family Adventures on Bikes

The Magic Comes From Our Buddy Pegs Coaches

Kids love our camps thanks to our amazing coaches.
Each coach is Buddy Pegs certified to give your child the tools they need to be successful on and off the bike and a summer camp experience they will ever forget.

Now hiring passionate, caring and fun loving high schoolers, adults, and retirees to join our team!

email: programs@buddypegs.com

Come To Our Kids Only Bike Race

Pedal Kids Race Series was created by Buddy Pegs to motivate children 2-11 years to bike more often by giving them lifelong memories.

Our races give children opportunity to:

  • Show off their bike skills to friends and family
  • Experience the anticipation of a starting line
  • Savor the unique feeling of accomplishment earned at the finish line
  • Build lifelong memories

NW Arkansas | Kansas City

Mark your calendars! 
Next Kansas City Race:

Next NW Arkansas Races:

November 13th

December 11th

Pedal Kids Race Series Kansas City

PKRS Values

Fun | Camaraderie | Fair Play | Growth Mindset | Accomplishment

Short laps, fun obstacles, and a truly unique, kid-friendly race course full of surprises!

“Parent Assist Zones” bring family members into the action alongside their racers.

Race Categories & Distances*

No Pedals (2 years old) – 1 Lap
No Pedals (3 years old) – 1 Lap
No Pedals (4+) – 2 Laps
Pedal Bikes (3-4 years old) – 1 Lap
Pedal Bikes (5-6 years old) – 2 Laps
Pedal Bikes (7-8 years old) – 3 Laps
Pedal Bikes (9-11 years old) – 4 Laps

*Lap Distances range from 1/4 mile to 1/2 mile depending on location

Courses are designed to welcome all kids on all types of bikes.


Balance Bike Race & Parent Hot Lap


Pedal Races All Ages

$15 per race

$30 for all 3. Woop woop!

Awards & Results

While the primary goal is to celebrate effort and accomplishment, we do believe in the podium too.

Special awards are given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each category for both boys and girls.

Individual results will be posted online after each race day so you can choose whether to go over the detailed results with your child, or simply bask in the glow of the job well done!

Kids Deserve A Chance To Show Off Their Skills!

Races are held on community parks utilizing a variety of paved trails, grass, and beginner friendly dirt trails (when available).

Distances are adjusted for age, children are always in sight, and courses are extremely spectator friendly.

11:30am | Registration Opens *Registration Ends 30 minutes before each race.
12:30 | All Ages No Pedals Category (Balance Bike)
1:00 | 3-4 years old Pedal Category – 10 min
1:30 | 5-6 years old Pedal Category – 10 min
2:00 | 7-8 years old Pedal Category – 10 min
2:30 | 9-11 years old Pedal Category – 15 min
3:00 | Parent Hot Lap – A chance to ride in your kids shoes 🙂

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults” – Frederick Douglass

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Buddy Pegs Helps You Be An Adventure Family

We believe raising children with a healthy relationship with outdoor adventure is the key to lifelong self-confidence, happiness, and connection.

Adventure [ ad-ven-cher ]:
an exciting experience or undertaking that is typically bold, sometimes risky.

Family [ famlē ]:
a social group made up of parents and their children

Adventure Family [ ad-ven-cher famlē ]:
Parents and children who enjoy exciting and bold experiences in nature, together.

We believe bicycles are more than they appear to be – they are the most amazing family adventure vehicles.

Whether you are a full on bike family or simple bike-curious, we want to help your family continue on your adventure!