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Year Round Kids Bike Programs Across NW Arkansas

Pre-K Age Classes

We’re Here to Help You Build Confident Kids & Connected Families!

Did you know that 85% of a child’s intellect, creativity, and skills develop by the age of 5.

Bicycles are the perfect vehicle to support the healthy development you want for your kiddos.


Learn To Pedal Classes

Ages 3-7 (2 separate Class options based on age)

Few of life’s milestones are as memorable as learning to ride a bike. But all too often the process to get there is full of anxiety, unnecessary struggle, and tears.

But not at Buddy Pegs! Here, children love every stage of learning to ride thanks to our incredible Buddy Pegs certified coaches who weave our unique Learn To Pedal curriculum into play-based challenges and games.

Over these sessions, students first learn the fundamentals of balancing a bike without pedals and without training wheels thanks to our no-pedal glide method of teaching that helps develop the muscle memory and confidence needed to pedal independently.

Pre- K LTP Prerequisites: 

  • Child must be 3 years old

  • Child must be gliding confidently already

  • Child must be interested in pedaling – we do not force pedaling at this age 

Do you have a 2 year-old or a 3-4 year-old that is still getting used to their balance bike and not yet gliding comfortably?  Check out our Balance Bike classes for a few sessions first!  It’s the perfect starting point for younger children to learn to love the bike.

For children 8 and up we strongly recommend Private Lessons.

Learn More About Our Learn To Pedal Classes

Bike Clubs (5-10 years old)

School is out for the day but the learning continues – let’s ride! Buddy Pegs Bike Club is a chance for your elementary age children to further develop their bike skills and life skills in a fun, safe, team environment. These weekly Bike Clubs are full of on-the-bike and off-the-bike games and bicycle rides appropriate to each child’s ability level.

Certified Buddy Pegs Coaches focus on teaching a broad range of bicycle skills, bicycle safety, and fitness for every ability level while helping kids develop the values of Stewardship, Teamwork, Ownership, Kindness, and Empathy (S.T.O.K.E.).

These multi-week sessions give kids the opportunity to safely explore their community on two wheels, experience the camaraderie of group bike rides, and develop lifelong tools of self-confidence, resilience, and connection to the physical world around them.

Buddy Pegs Ride Leaders will work hard to ensure that all kids individually progress in their skills and double their excitement for biking throughout each class.


Weekend Trail School

School’s out for the weekend – let’s ride! Weekend Trail School is a chance for kiddos who already are independently pedaling to further develop their bicycle skills, safety, social emotional learning, and fitness.

Not only is it full of fun, but Trail School allows your kiddos of all skill levels to develop critical life skills like resilience, self-confidence, empathy, connection to their community, and respect for the environment.

Great for Local and Visiting Families



Sign Up For ONE Day or The Entire Week!

What’s better than one class of Buddy Pegs? A FULL camp dedicated to having fun and exciting bike rides filled with teamwork, stewardship, and connections! 

Camps are perfect for helping your kiddos grow physically, socially, and emotionally while developing bike skills, lifelong passion, and friendships.

  • Spring Break Camps
  • Summer Camps
  • Thanksgiving Camps
  • Winter Holiday Camps

***Note – Learn To Pedal Classes Only Have a Full Week Option.


Private Lessons

Buddy Pegs early childhood cycling coaches and mountain bike coaches are ready to introduce your little explorers to the wonders of a childhood on two wheels and the tools of lifelong happiness and success that comes from it.

Private lessons contain a fun-filled biking experience with one of our very own energetic biking coaches to help your kiddo strive!


Birthday Parties


Looking for a socially distant way to celebrate your child’s birthday?

Nothing says ‘best birthday ever‘ like a bicycle party!


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Not sure which class level is right for your kiddo?
No Problem.... Use our Level Finder Below!

Buddy Pegs Ability Level Finder
Click through a few simple questions to find the right class for your child!

For kids 5+

Look for classes that fit your kiddo’s bike level:

Currently on training wheels
Balance Bike

Wobbly Pedaler
No Training Wheels

Confident Pedaler on Pavement
Beginning to ride beginner mountain bike trails

Confident on beginner mountain bike trails.
Beginning to ride intermediate mountain bike trails.

Confident on intermediate mountain bike trails.
Comfortable hitting small to midsize jumps.

Buddy Pegs Helps You Be An Adventure Family

Adventure Family [ ad-ven-cher famlē ]:

Parents and children who enjoy exciting and bold experiences in nature, together.

We believe raising children with a healthy relationship with outdoor adventure is the key to lifelong self-confidence, happiness, and connection.

We believe bicycles are more than they appear to be – they are the most amazing family adventure vehicles.

Whether you are a full on bike family or simple bike-curious, we want to help your family continue on your adventure! Our kids bike school, bike clubs, bike classes, bike camps are only the beginning.

“Time in nature is not leisure time; it’s an essential investment in our children’s health
(and also, by the way, in our own).”
― Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder

“Adventure is embracing the unknown and venturing into it with a good knowledge of our skills, as well as the experiences we are lacking, so that we can take appropriate risks. If we embrace adventure as parents, we push the limits on what is possible with children and break free of social norms for the purpose of teaching them the realities of life in an unconventional way.”
-Meghan J. Ward of adventurousparents.com


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