Elementary age kids and bike coaches at a Buddy Pegs bike club Bentonville Arkansas

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Bicycle Classes | Clubs | Camps: Starting at 2 years-old.

Family Bike Shops: Access to the Right Equipment.

Children’s media: Supporting Your Family’s Cycling Journey.

Welcome Adventure Parents!

We are here to serve you.

It’s hard to raise kids in the digital age and we believe bikes are the perfect vehicle for helping you become the Adventure Family you want to be.

As the leading US authority on preschool and elementary age
cycling education we are here to help guide your journey and help you get everything you need to be an Adventure Family!

Our classes, camps, and after-school programs are are led by Buddy Pegs certified coaches, focused on beginner through advanced bicycle skills, and developed from Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Play Based Learning (PBL) standards.

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Building S.T.O.K.E. Builds Strong Kids!

Children in Buddy Pegs programs learn to ride bikes,
but they also learn a whole lot more through our

Buddy Pegs Values:


of our natural resources and our equipment.

Teamwork & Trust

Pedal like a champ but ride like a team. Trust in yourself and in each other.


of our behaviors and actions.


towards other people, animals, and our environment.


recognize, understand, and share the thoughts and feelings of other people, animals.