Our Mission

We Are In Business To Help Save Our Home Planet.

Buddy Pegs is a unique fusion of a family bike shop and kids’ bicycle school, dedicated to forging lasting family connections through the joy of cycling. Beyond merely selling and teaching about bikes, we champion the broader life skills children can acquire from biking, such as self-confidence and resilience. Our ultimate vision is a greener, more connected community, where families opt for two wheels over four, embracing bicycles as a primary mode of transportation.

Our Values

Prioritize People

Lead With Kindness

Tell It Like It Is

Adventure Together

Push Past Boundaries

Our Big Goal

Through a collective effort with others in bike advocacy, we are working to return youth cycling participation to the levels found in the year 2000.

In the year 2000, there were nearly 20 million kids riding bikes each year in the US.

Sadly, today there is half that number yet the population has grown over 12% .

Together, let’s get 20M kids riding again in the US!