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Did you know that 85% of a child’s intellect, creativity, and skills develop by the age of 5.

Bicycles are the perfect vehicle to support the healthy development you want for your kiddos

Pre-K Buddy Pegs - Where the Journey Begins

Self-Confidence | Resilience | Social Skills | Lifelong Family Adventures on Bikes
Starting at 2 years old

November/December 2022 Schedule: Pre-K / Toddlers


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Learn To Pedal
@ Buddy Pegs HQ
Learn To Pedal
@ Buddy Pegs HQ


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Bike Class

@ Buddy Pegs HQ
Learn to Pedal

@ Buddy Pegs HQ

*November only


Learn to Pedal

@ Buddy Pegs HQ

*November only

Two Ways To Join Us

1. Become a Monthly Member

Bring your 18mos to 4 year old child to as many classes each month as you like!

4 classes / month pays for membership

Enjoy other discounts on birthday parties, special events, and at our bike shops.

Cancel anytime, for any reason with our FCG (Frictionless Cancelation Guarantee).

2. Sign Up For 1 Class at a Time

Enroll your 18mos to 4 year old child to one class at a time at least 24 hours in advance.

Space is limited and Members have first access to sign ups each month.

Great for traveling families or kiddos looking to just try it out and see what a Buddy Pegs class is all about.

Become a Member at any time (space is limited).

Our Pre-K Programs

Unplugged family time, your child’s first group rides, the start of a lifelong family adventure.


Help parents learn how to play with their children on bikes

Connect biking to family fun in every child’s mind

Develop safe gliding, turning, and stopping bicycle skills

Social Emotional Learning skills developed: Self-Awareness & Self-Management

Father next to son on a balance bike at a Buddy Pegs class

1/2 Paw Classes
(Balance Bike Playdates)

Ages: 18 mos – 3 years-old

45 minute classes structured for 2 year-olds who are only walking on their balance bikes. 

Kids 18 mos+ and already interested in balance biking are welcome if parents feel they are developmentally ready.

Hesitant 3 year olds are welcome too.

Current Pre-K Schedule

Child gliding on a balance bike

1 Paw Classes
(Balance Bike Playdates)

Ages: 3&4 year-olds

45 minute classes for 3 & 4 year-olds who are typically gliding on their balance bikes. 

‘Play-based’ micro family rides & learning experiences’

On-the-bike and off-the-bike activities.

Curriculum has been developed by Buddy Pegs using social emotional learning and play-based outdoor education best practices.

Current Pre-K Schedule

Learn To Pedal Classes

3, 4, & 5 year-olds

Help children who are ready to pedal learn safely
Maintain children’s love of bikes throughout the pedaling learning curve
Reduce stress or pressure to perform
Develop pedaling, turning, & braking bicycle skills
Social Emotional Learning skills developed: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, & Responsible Decision Making

At least 3 years-old
Gliding confidently
Child must want to pedal – we do not force pedaling at this age 🙂

Family Bike Clubs: 2 Paw & 3 Paw (Trail Rippers)

3, 4 & 5 year-olds

Help children learn to enjoy group rides with family and friends
Develop standing & pedaling, standing & coasting, Brake Control bicycle skills
Social Emotional Learning skills developed: Responsible Decision Making, Social Awareness

At least 3 years-old
Child must be pedaling independently without training wheels

Current Pre-K Schedule

Private Lessons

All Ages

Not ready for a group class? No problem.

Our Buddy Pegs Private Lessons are custom tailored to meet your family’s needs. Whether learning to pedal, developing more riding skills, or simply working to overcome a little fear or shyness, our coaches would love to personally work with your kiddo, or together as a family.

Location: We offer private lessons in a number of different locations to make it as convenient as possible for you.

Parent or guardian required for all Pre-K Buddy Pegs classes

All Buddy Pegs Pre-K programs are designed with two goals in mind:
1) Help our youngest adventurers develop a love of bicycles
2) Teach adults how to play with your kids on bikes so you can easily be an adventure family

Let Us Help You Pick The Right Class
For Your Little Adventurer

Let’s start with your pre-k child’s age, shall we?

Handy Dandy Buddy Pegs 3 & 4 Year-Old Flow Chart

Not sure what class to put your 3, 4 or 5 year old child into? No prob.
Follow the flow…

Super Duper Buddy Pegs 5 Year-Old Flow Chart

Pre-K Parent FAQs

Buddy Pegs Pro Parent Tip:
No worries, we hear that all the time and assure you it is very common.
In our Buddy Pegs classes, we let all students know right away that 1) training wheels aren’t allowed and 2) we will help all students safely master their balance first, before we start thinking about adding pedals.
We first remove the pedals and training wheels, turning their pedal bike into a balance bike.
Once we get them confidently gliding, the pedals come easily. We got this!

Buddy Pegs Pro Parent Tip:
Yup, again, no worries, we hear that all the time and assure you it is very common. But what is also very common is that almost all kids love biking once it is introduced the right way. “How did you get my child to love biking in one class?”, is what we often hear. And hey, it’s not magic. We simply combine the right environment (fun, no pressure, kids of the same ability level), great coaches, and the right equipment. The magic comes from inside each child when they get a taste of the unique feeling of freedom on two wheels. Oh… and don’t beat yourself up if this isn’t working at home – it can be really hard to do as the “parent/coach” 🙂

Buddy Pegs Pro Parent Tip:
Heck yes! However… we need to let you know that many of the bikes bought from a department store are built with outdated geometry that makes it hard to learn to balance without training wheels. The main issue is that they are simply too tall for a child to put their feet on the ground.
If your child’s bike looks like the ones below, put the seat all the way down and make sure your kiddo can put their feet flat on the ground. Having the ability to catch themselves with their feet when they begin to tip over is how they develop safe balancing skills.

Again, don’t beat yourself up if you feel you bought the “wrong” bike –
it can be really hard to navigate kids bike equipment but we’re here to help. And yes, we have demo bikes available.

Adventure Families Ride Bikes

Come Along For The Ride!

Our PRE-K classes are led by Buddy Pegs certified coaches, focused on beginner through advanced bicycle skills, and developed from Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Play Based Learning (PBL) standards.
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Bike coach with young children on bikes in a bike class