Toddler & Pre-K Bicycle Programs

Buddy Pegs early childhood cycling coaches are ready to introduce your little explorers to the wonders of a childhood on two wheels and the tools of lifelong happiness and success that comes from it. 

Thanks to the introduction of balance bikes and high-quality first pedal bikes,  there has never been a better time to expose littles to the bicycle.  And now that journey begins as early as two years old!

You remember how important your bike was for you as a kid. Now it’s time to introduce your child to a love of bicycling, the right way! 

We have multiple options for kids from 2-5 year olds including some NEW CLASSES for Fall 2021.  Please check them out below.

WINTER SESSION 2 | Starts Feb 14th | 4 Week Sessions


Ages 1-3  years old
45 Min.
4 week Session (1 class per week)

  • One parent or guardian must be present. 
    • This is a MOMMY/DADDY and me experience so be prepared to participate. Think of yourself as an assistant coach:). No stress, our coaches will be your guides:)
  • Max 8 kids (Min 3 kids to run class)
  • Bentonville Locations :
    • Buddy Pegs HQ

Unplugged family time, your child’s first group rides, the start of lifelong family adventure. This is what you’ll experience at a Buddy Pegs Balance Bike Play Date.

To be more specific… these shared learning experiences are run by trained ride leaders who guide children, and their parent or caregiver, through play-based on-the-bike and off-the-bike activities that are guaranteed to make your child twice as excited to ride.

Children need not have previous balance bike skills and balance bikes are available to rent. Sorry, no training wheels allowed. Please see our FAQ’s page for more information.

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle, our trained ride leaders want to help YOU guide your child through the early years on a bike. And have a lot of fun doing i


Ages 3-5 Years Old
1 Hour Class
4 week Session (1 class per week)

  • A parent/caregiver MUST be present for this age group.
    • This is a MOMMY/DADDY and me experience so be prepared to participate. Think of yourself as an assistant coach:). No stress, our coaches will be your guides:)
  • Max 8 kids (Min 3 kids to run class)
  • Bentonville Location:
    • Buddy Pegs HQ

Are your kiddos ready to start the journey towards early pedaling? Are you not sure how to graduate these pint-sized rippers to pedals?

Our play-based Learn To Pedal program uses fun games and activities to create independent and confident mini pedalers who simply love to ride.

Through these sessions, kiddos will progress through foundational skills such as balancing, gliding, and braking before we make the easy and gentle transition to pedals.

The skill of pedaling unlocks a world of adventure for your kids but it’s critical to keep them learning what it means to be a safe and confident rider once speed and distance increase.


Ages 2-4
1 Hour Class Length
4 Week Session (1 class per week)

We are taking the Little Rippers out onto the trails! 
In this newly designed and highly requested class, our youngest riders will get the full team trail riding experience, while maintaining the safety and comfort of a parent presence. 
The class will parallel the skills and locations of our 3 paw After School Bike Club, but with the games, energy, and imagination that defines our pre-K programming!  
This class will be held on location at a variety of trailheads. Our certified coaches will lead the kids through green-level trails while teaching and reinforcing mountain bike skills and safety and of course, bringing the STOKE!!!  First week is at Buddy Pegs HQ.
  • 3 Paw Riders: Able to climb and descend paved pathways/greenways. Comfortable modulating speeds on downhills. Riding beginner rated mountain bike trails with moderate confidence – even a little bit of climbing / descending. Handbrakes are required.

Ages 3-5
1 Hour Class Length
4 week Session (1 class per week)

*Parents/Guardians must be ready to RIDE!!

Did your pre-K kid just learn to pedal? Are they ready to take their skills to the next level?
Well then this class is for you!  During these classes, our Buddy Pegs certified coaches will play fun on the bike and off the bike games while helping your pint sized pedaler progress through early bike safety and skills like braking, speed modulation, ready position, group riding relationship skills, and of course how to bring the STOKE to every ride! 

Each week the class will be held at different locations:

  • Week 1 at Buddy pegs HQ
  • Week 2 at 8th St.
  • Week 3 at Slaughter Pen
  • Week 4 at Coler.

    The class will include small greenway riding adventures.

  • Pedaling (without training wheels) on pavement and some flat, wide dirt trails. 
  • Not yet confident cranking up hills and/or controlling speeds on downhills.