Ages 3-7 (2 separate class options based on age)
Location: Buddy Pegs Family Ride HQ
1 Hour Class Length 

Few of life’s milestones are as memorable as learning to ride a bike. But all too often the process to get there is full of anxiety, unnecessary struggle, and tears. 

But not at Buddy Pegs!  Here children love every stage of learning to ride thanks to our incredible Buddy Pegs certified coaches who weave our unique Learn To Pedal curriculum into play-based challenges and games.

Over these sessions, students first learn the fundamentals of balancing a bike without pedals and without training wheels thanks to our no-pedal glide method of teaching that helps develop the muscle memory and confidence needed to pedal independently.

But the fun doesn’t end there! Once the class is pedaling and braking safely on their own it’s time to roll out to the greenway and learn how to ride safely in a group, and alongside other trail users.  Each following week students will expand their cycling knowledge, skills, and distance. 

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**Parent/caregiver required for kids under 5 years old

PEDAL POWER (Ages 5-7)

For children ages 5 - 7 years old who are ready to start the journey towards being early pedalers. This play-based program will use fun games and activities to create independent and confident little riders.

Through this session kiddos will progress through ninja bicycle skills such as balance, gliding and the transition to early pedaling. Safety skills such as starting/stopping, braking, turning, and speed control will be taught through games and play that allow kids to practice and learn.

The skill of pedaling unlocks a world of adventure for your kids but it’s critical to keep them learning what it means to be a safe and confident rider once speed and distance increase.

PRE-K (Ages 3-5)

Pre- K LTP Prerequisites: 

  • Child must be 3 years old

  • Child must be gliding confidently already

  • Child must be interested in pedaling - we do not force pedaling at this age 

One parent or guardian must be present. This is a MOMMY/DADDY and me experience so be prepared to participate. Think of yourself as an assistant coach. No stress, our coaches will be your guides!
Have a 2-4 year old that is still getting used to their balance bike and not yet gliding comfortably? Check out our Balance Bike Playdates for a few sessions first! It's the perfect starting point for younger children to learn to love the bike.

Are your kiddos ready to start the journey towards early pedaling? Are you not sure how to graduate these pint-sized rippers to pedals?
Our play-based Learn To Pedal program uses fun games and activities to create independent and confident mini pedalers who simply love to ride.
Through these sessions, kiddos will progress through foundational skills such as balancing, gliding, and braking before we make the easy and gentle transition to pedals.

Please note the only expectation we have for your kiddo is for them to have FUN! We want them to incorporate fun with bike riding and sometimes that means just playing with chalk and watching other kids ride bikes and that's ok. They will still be exposed to bikes around them and eventually they will want to try it. We ask that parents do not pressure their kids to ride if they don't want to.