Rich Tauer is the President of Quality Bicycle Products or as we call it in the bike industry QBP. Over the last 30 years QBP has grown into the largest parts distributor in the US, the parent company of other successful brands like Salsa Cycles, and a leader in green building with their LEED certified distributions centers.  

What we really admire about QBP is their commitment to supporting local bike shops, getting more butts on bikes, taking a lead in the development of healthy sustainable bike communities everywhere, AND the personal development of their employees.

Over his 26 year career Rich ascended from a front line customer service agent to recently taking over for the company’s founder as president. Rich was a fantastic guest and I hope you enjoy his story.

This interview was recorded Live from the Buddy Pegs Media booth at the 2018 Sea Otter Classic in Monterey CA.

We built this interview series from the title of our newest children’s picture book Taking The Lead that follows our animal characters along a journey to open a local bike shop and inspire their town to ride. We hope you enjoy these personal stories from bike industry executives, non-profit leaders, pro athletes, and families just like yours who are celebrating kids on bikes and inspiring families to get off the couch... and out for a ride.


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