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In part one of this original children’s story, all the pedaling pooches who work at the bicycle shop Buddy Pegs are getting ready for their very first holiday bicycle giveaway called the Spokesville Holiday Bike Drive Extravaganza Extraordinaire! Or, SHBDEE for short.

A mystery unfolds when the Buddy Pegs crew arrives to fix up all the bikes before the event begins. Oh no... All the right pedals, and Woodruff’s pedal wrench, have been stolen!

In the blink of an eye, Watson and Wrigley transform into the two doggie superheroes Poppawheelie and Captain Endo. With the help of their pal Schmiddy, now known as Master Mouse Kabibble, the team mounts their bicycles to search town, find the pedal bandit, and recover the stolen pedals.

There’s a lot to learn too in this episode!

Episode Themes:

  • The holidays are about giving and not just receiving!
  • Using your own smarts, your own logic, and teamwork can make you a superhero too!
  • When you borrow something, bring it back!

Do your kids know what a Penny Farthing is?

penny farthing

From wikipedia:

“The penny-farthing, also known as a high wheel, high wheeler and ordinary, is a type of bicycle with a large front wheel and a much smaller rear wheel. It was popular in the 1800’s until the development of the modern ‘safety bicycle’ in the 1880s. It was the first machine to be called a ‘bicycle’.”


Did you know that left and right bicycle pedals screw into the cranks in different directions?

That’s right! Or.. left. Um, yeah.

Right pedals screw in righty/tighty and unscrew lefty/loosey.

But, left pedals are the opposite!


If you want to see more, check out this Park Tools video on how to install and remove pedals:


Written by Scott Fitzgerald and Bob Berky

Performed by Scott Fitzgerald, Bob Berky, and Jannine Fitzgerald.

Written for kids 7 & under but safe and fun for kids of all ages.

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