S1: EP 7 | Buddy Pegs Podcast – The Focal Point – PT.1

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S01 Episode 3.1 The Focal Point - Pt 1

 In part 1 of this story, the Buddy Pegs shop grom Skipper finds a mysterious note in one of the bike boxes. After school the next day, he and his gang of friends follow the directions in the note to meet up with their super hero idles Poppa Wheelie and Captain Endo, and the mysterious badger Bernard Hifleut.

Meanwhile, Watson and Wrigley are offered a chance to carry Glidster Bikes at the shop, the hot new bike brand everyone wants!

Safe and fun for kids of all ages!

Thanks to Woom Bikes USA for helping support this episode!


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Good news – Schmiddy finally found his way out of the basement and the whole Buddy Pegs gang learns what that mysterious flying object really