The exciting conclusion of this two-part episode, and the start of The World of Buddy Pegs Season Two! 

After Schmiddy found out Daisy Bell was helping Cheetos learn to ride, he decided to track down the two riding buddies. He needed to know if Cheetos had really turned a corner and put aside his old Bygone ways.

Turns out Daisy Bell had really discovered the best in Cheetos as she helped him find balance on his bike, and balance in his life. But what about those missing valve stems and all the flat tires in Spokesville? Was this a job for Captain Endo and Poppawheelie, or could Cheetos come to the rescue this time? Find out!

Written by Scott Fitzgerald and Bob Berky
Performed by Scott Fitzgerald, Bob Berky, and Jannine Fitzgerald, Jorjeana Marie (as Daisy Bell), Braden.
Written for kids 7 & under but safe and fun for kids of all ages.

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  • Wisdom can be found at all ages if you give animals (and people) a chance to show it.
  • Animals (and people) can change for the better under the right influence from others.
  • Learning to ride a bike starts with learning to balance… without pedals!

Head out for a family ride and try to come up with 3 new nicknames for common neighborhood places on your way. Maybe Pioneer Park turns into Pie-in-my-ear Park! Write em down and email us with what you come up with!

This episode ended up evolving in ways we never imagined as Cheetos went through his personal transformation and developed into an emerging Spokesville hero. The goal was really to showcase DB as our new Bicycle Playdate leader but it turned out Cheetos was her perfect sidekick.

And what about all that name play DB becomes known for? This was yet another masterful idea of Bob’s as he continues to break down preconceived notions about how kids look at things and how we all, as adults, get stuck in our patterns of looking at the world. Sometimes the simple act of changing a few letters in a name can help us all change how we treat others and find the hidden value in the animals (and people) around us. Go ahead… give it a try with your kiddos!