Good news - Schmiddy finally found his way out of the basement and the whole Buddy Pegs gang learns what that mysterious flying object really is when it leads them to Badger Cove. It turns out that a ride to Badger Cove is the perfect way to help remind all the kits, pups, and adult animals in Spokesville about the value of natural places, being outdoors, and life’s truly important moments.

Written by Scott Fitzgerald and Bob Berky

Performed by Scott Fitzgerald, Bob Berky, and Jannine Fitzgerald, Jorjeana Marie (as Daisy Bell), Braden.
Written for kids 7 & under but safe and fun for kids of all ages.

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  • Discovery
  • Connection to nature
  • Special places that pull you away from screen time.

Go get an ice cream today after your ride!  So yummy:)


Well, the cat’s out of the bag! Well, actually the cat, Schmitty the Dog the Cat, is out of the basement!! In this episode we find out about the mysterious object flying over Spokesville causing so much concern. It’s secret brings all the kits and pups out of their houses, away from their computer screens and into a meeting with Poppawheelie, Captain Endo, Master Mousekabibble AND the flying machine at beautiful Badger Cove; where  the wonders of nature and the thrill of biking live in harmony. Scott and I felt it important to expand everyone’s awareness of the beauty and necessity of true experience with nature,; that this experience is both singular and private, and an opportunity for deep sharing  between friends and family members.

-Bob Berky (Writer, Narrator & Voice Actor)