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What’s better than one class of Buddy Pegs? A FULL camp dedicated to having fun and exciting bike rides filled with teamwork, stewardship, and connections!

Camps are perfect for helping your kiddos grow physically, socially, and emotionally while developing bike skills, lifelong passion, and friendships.

Don’t worry, Buddy Pegs camps occur year-round with multiple different types! Whether your kiddos want to learn to pedal, adventure around NWA on your bike, or shred some mountain bike trails, here at Buddy Pegs all those are opportunities! Don’t worry, you can sign up for one day or the full week!


Biking can be for all ages! Even if your kiddo isn’t quite ready to hit the trails with the family, they can still enjoy the great ride of a bicycle!

Here at Buddy Pegs, children love every stage of learning to ride thanks to our incredible Buddy Pegs certified coaches who weave our unique Learn To Pedal curriculum into play-based challenges and games.

Over these sessions, students first learn the fundamentals of balancing a bike without pedals and without training wheels thanks to our no-pedal glide method of teaching that helps develop the muscle memory and confidence needed to pedal independently.

young children on bicycles mountain biking


School’s out for the weekend – let’s ride! Weekend Trail School is a chance for kiddos who already are independently pedaling to further develop their bicycle skills, safety, social emotional learning, and fitness.

Perfect for visiting families, Weekend Trail School allows your kiddos of all skill levels to develop critical life skills like resilience, self-confidence, empathy, connection to their community, and respect for the environment all while only being one weekend long! If you’re here for a short weekend vacation, Weekend Trail School is perfect for your kiddos!

With some of the best trails in the United States – learning how to ride them and experiencing them is a MUST!


Northwest Arkansas is full of mountain bike trails, art displays, and TONS of fun activities! Sometimes, it can be hard to navigate the trails without prior experience or knowledge especially when you have kiddos. That’s why we’re offering YOU the opportunity to have a certified Buddy Pegs coach to navigate you through the ins and outs of the Ozarks.

From teaching your kiddos how to ride mountain bike trails, to a simple stroll on the Razorback Greenway looking at countless pieces of art, our coaches are dedicated to make your experience unforgettable! 

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Buddy Pegs events are a great way to spend your day! They’re full of fun, adventure, food, and friends! Buddy Pegs events are designed to encourage families to get outside and participate in fun and challenging activities that promote physical activity and outdoor exploration.

Whether you join us in one of our Jump Jam events or a Family Challenge, every event is full of fun and helps families bring the STOKE!

Check out our Events Calendar and see if you can join us for an awesome event!

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