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The Right Gear Matters

The likelihood of your child enjoying bicycle riding starts with the right equipment.

Let us help you find the right kids bike, helmet, and accessories to safely and joyfully support your child’s journey into bike riding!

Let us help!

    1. Check out the Pro Parent Tips below.
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Use our Parent Bike Guide below to learn more about different styles of kids bikes, helmets, and gear!

Shop our bikes and gear from popular brands such as Cannondale, Prevelo, Woom, Leatt, Kali, Bell, and much more!

Don't know what bike to purchase for your kiddo?
Don't worry, we've got your back!

2 Year Old (Balance Bike)

3 Year Old (14 inch)

4 Year Old (16 inch)

5 & 6 Year Old (20 inch)

7 & 8 Year Old (24 inch)

9 & 10 Year Old (26 inch+)

But what about the helmet?

Half Shell Helmets

Full Face Helmets

Buy On The Birthdays

When you shop for your child’s new bike, buy the next size on your child’s birthday to maximize safety, fit, fun, and longevity!

Kids bike sizing guide