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Buddy Pegs is building a team of inspired change-makers who are helping to save our home planet by building emotionally and physically healthy kids using the power of the bicycle.

What does that really mean?

  • Our Mission is to Help Save Our Home Planet.
  • Our Vision is to help double the number of kids riding bikes in the US by 2030 by creating a national framework for youth cycling education and repositioning bicycling in the minds of US families through bicycle-centric media.

Our Bold Beliefs:

  • Bicycles are a simple solution to the world’s most complex problems.
  • Bicycles are a gateway to building self confidence, resilience, connection to community, and environmental stewardship.
  • When we help build these traits in kids and families, what we are really building are thoughtful, empathetic, caring, action-oriented citizens.
  • We can help preserve our planet for future generations with every child and family we inspire to ride.
  • You don’t have to be a high-level bicyclist to work with us to achieve our mission.

Our Values:

  • Connected & Present – We place a high value on connecting with other people, building meaningful relationships, and being present in everything we do.
  • Self Confident & Resilient – We believe in ourselves and refuse to be beaten by self doubt or resistance.
  • Active & Free – We remain personally connected to all the reasons why our company exists. We practice what we preach.
  • Our Path: Currently we are beta testing a national model for early childhood bicycle education and family engagement from our home base in Bentonville, Arkansas. Over the next 4 years we plan on expanding into more than a dozen new markets as we continue to develop our scalable model that is intended to take Buddy Pegs national.
  • We help families get off the couch and out for adventure in three ways:
  • Develop and replicate classes and events that teach children and families how to adopt the cycling lifestyle.
  • Offer families access to modern, high quality bikes and equipment.
  • Create and distribute children’s media that inspires families to ride.

Open Job Opportunities

Youth Bicycle Coach

Job Purpose: Come Coach With Us! We are hiring coaches and are ready to get you trained up for some FUN!

Weekend Availability Needed

Events Manager

Job Purpose: Catch the attention of our target audience and pull them into our life-changing Buddy Pegs experiences by planning & executing first-class kids races and events!

Weekend Availability Needed

Service Manager-Lead Mechanic

Job Purpose: Buddy Pegs is a family bike shop in Bentonville, AR. We’re hiring a FT Service manager.

We need someone who can assemble & repair bikes accurately and efficiently, who can communicate with customers in a friendly, clear, and professional way, service writing, and ordering.

Full-time & Benefits
Weekend Availability Needed

Retail Sales Associate

Job Purpose: Make Buddy Pegs customers feel welcome, informed, and prepared to purchase the right equipment to increase their family’s STOKE around riding bikes!

Part-time/ Full Time Options

Bike Mechanic

Job Purpose: Bring new bikes to life & develop wellness plans for old ones, and serve as a mechanical guide to parents & kids as they develop their bicycle journey!

Part-Time/Full-time Options