It's Not A Bike... It's a Car Replacement

E-Bikes Are Perfect for Your Family!

Riding an e-cargo bike is an incredible way to make a positive impact on our planet, while also creating unique and fun experiences with family and friends. With e-cargo bikes, you can get out of your car and get back in touch with the outdoors. Whether it’s running errands around town, goign on a date, taking the kids to school, or a weekend ride, you can do it all with an e-cargo bike. We have a great selection of e-cargo bikes from some of the most awesome brands in the market, such as Tern Bicycles, Yuba and Riese and Muller.

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We can fit you and your family to the perfect bike for all of your needs.  Our mechanics are all certified to maintain and repair any battery systems that our bikes are sold with (Bosch & Shimano).   Call us to set up an appointment.

Yuba bikes are adapted to all needs. The brand’s objective is to offer a premium quality, smooth-riding cargo bike to all users, without exception. Whether you’re seeking a mobility solution for family transport, adult transport, packages of all sizes, groceries, camping or sports equipment, ski or surf racks and much more – Yuba has the right bike for you.
Tern Bicycles designs electric cargo bikes, Bosch ebikes and folding bikes for families. They carry and create some of the best ebikes that can safely carry kids and cargo! These cargo bikes come with countless attachments and personalization options to make this bike the perfect bike for YOU!
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Quality Design: Comfort, Convenience, Durability.  Riese and Muller, has been at the forefront of urban mobility for nearly two decades. Their mission is to create bikes that are both attractive and functional, offering customers the highest quality design in comfort, convenience and durability.

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