Buddy Pegs is a throw back reference to the round, metal pegs kids put on the back of their bike so a ‘buddy’ can stand on them. We love the concept of ‘bringing a friend along for a ride’, which is exactly what we’re trying to accomplish through our efforts to get more families on bikes.

Buddy Pegs was founded in 2014 by Scott and Jannine Fitzgerald. Before Buddy Pegs, Scott and Jannine owned and operated a Top 50 US bike shop for 14 years in Jackson Hole, WY and Victor, ID.

Classes and Programs

We offer classes for the earliest bicycling ages. While we allow children as young as 18 months 

into our Balance Bike Playdates, most children don’t develop the motorskills and strength to manuever a balance bike until 24 months. All of our classes have specific ages listed in their descriptions.

Children under 4, or kids who have not yet mastered potty training must have a parent or guardian present.

Yes, as long as you are able to be present and attentive to your toddler and the older sibling is ok with a “slower pace”. Keep in mind that our instrctors will be focused on age appropriate games and activities that may seem boring for an older child.

Certainly not! We love introducing children to the bicycle for the very first time.


1 Paw: Gliding on a balance bike (or pedals removed).

2 Paw: Pedaling (without training wheels) on pavement and some

flat, wide dirt trails. Not yet 

confident cranking up hills and/or controlling speeds on downhills.

3 Paw: Able to climb and descend paved pathways. Comfortable modulating speeds on downhills. Riding beginner rated single track trails with moderate confidence - even a little bit of climbing / descending. Handbrakes and freewheels strongly recommended. (required for 3/4 Paw After School Bike Clubs).

4 Paw: Riding confidently on smooth, intermediate rated singletrack with small berms, rollers, and tabletops (little to no air).  Comfortable with climbs, cornering, natural terrain and descending. Confident with both slowing and stopping unexpectedly. Handbrakes and freewheels mandatory. Geared bikes highly recommended...if you want to be a happy parent. (Required for 3/4 Paw After School Bike Clubs)

Our goal is to make bicycling at least twice as fun as it has ever been for your child! In order to accomplish this, we mindfully blend play-based bicycle skills development with unique “off-the-bike” activities that celebrate cycling culture and link biking with good times.

Some of our classes are sold as a series while others are available for drop ins. In general, Balance Bike Play Dates are easy to “drop-in” to. Our Learn To Pedal classes are best expereinced in a series.

We love having a mix of age ranges in our Learn to Pedal classes because the older kids have a chance to develop leadership skills while the younger kids become motivated by their older peers. Learning to ride a bike is a great social equalizer!

Part of our mission is to help raise resilient future adults.  Therefore we run rain or shine!  That said, we will be sure to make the call if weather conditions are deemed 'unsafe'.


We will provide water breaks every 15-20 minutes.  In excessive heat, we will provide shade, or in certain locations, indoor options where we will work on activities, bicycle arts & crafts and games that will engage and teach the kids about bicycle safety and bicycle fun!


If it looks like it’s going to rain or is cold outside please send your child with the appropriate clothing:

-Rain Gear



-Thin hat that will fit under bicycle helmet.

*If we cancel a class we will do so in advance and will notify you by text and email.  Be sure to provide CELL phone when registering.  We will provide a make up class date for most sessions.  If that is not possible we will refund back a proated amount for that class day.

No credits, refunds, or makeup for missed days, or times during session unless Buddy Pegs cancels a session and cannot reschedule.  

This applies to sick days and other reasons for missing a session.  We will take consideration of any situations beyond the norm.  Please reach out to us.  

100% back if registration is cancelled 2 weeks before start;

25% back if registration is cancelled 1 week before start;

NO REFUND if registration is cancelled less than 1 week prior to start of the session

Bikes and Equipment

Any bike without pedals is considered to be a ‘balance bike’. Balance bikes help new riders of any age master the critical skill of balancing on two wheels before introducing pedals. The smallest balance bikes don’t actually have the ability to add pedals later on and are sometimes referred to as kick bikes or strider bikes.

No. We have bikes to rent and can even help you purchase the right bike for your child when the time is right.

Just say no to training wheels! These old school devices teach children to lean onto one side, defeating the goal of teaching side to side balance. Once training wheels are introduced, it becomes a crutch and difficult to convince a child to remove them later on. Children who ride with training wheels usually have a much harder time balancing and pedaling on two wheels.

We strongly recommend you remove the training wheels before arriving so valuable class time is not spent on mechanical tasks. However, our coaches can help you in a pinch. Don’t worry about the pedals, those are easy to remove and we are happy to help.

We love properly sized hand brakes at any age and recommend not using pedal backward (coaster) brakes whatsoever. A quality children’s balance bike, and pedal bike will have easy to use hand brakes and a ‘freewheel’ that allows the pedals to spin backwards.

Our friends at Woom explain everything in this helpful article -

The consumer product safety commission still mandates pedal brakes on bikes considered to be a “sidewalk bike”. Sidewalk bikes are typically 16” wheel size and below. 

This is an outdated regulation that needs to be revised. Pedal brakes make it extremely difficult for a child to rotate their pedals into a proper starting position and prevent them from learning how to stand up and pedal - both are critical skills for safe riding. Also, it is very hard for a young child, with developing motor skills, to figure out the concept of reversing their pedal stroke to quickly avoid a hazard.

Our friends at Woom explain everything in this helpful article -

Feel free to bring the bike you have and our coaches will help you quickly determine if it is the right bike for your child. We also understand that sometimes kids feel connected to their existing bike even if it’s not the right one for them. 

Riding a bike can be intimidating and a child’s bicycle can act like a security blanket. If this is the case, don’t worry! Bring the bike and if needed, our coaches will gently help introduce your child to an alternative bike from our demo fleet.

We use the 2-V-1 method of helmet fit. Only 2 fingers below the bottom of the helmet and the top of the eyebrows. Symmetrical “V-shape” straps under the ears. And only 1 finger between the chin strap and the chin. If you can see a large part of a child’s front head, time for a new helmet!

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