Kids bicycling and biking in Bentonville, Arkansas

Planning Your Trip

We love helping family cyclists visiting NW Arkansas make the most of your time here. 

Scroll down for a curated list of our favorite family rides around OZ Trails / NWA.

Please reach out for any trip planning advice you need – we’d love to talk to you!

Step 1: Understand the Buddy Pegs Paw Ratings

We categorize little riders using the ‘paws’ of our bike riding animals from the World of Buddy Pegs picture books and storytelling podcasts. Once you figure out where your little rippers are on our rating system, it will be easy to pick the right family rides when you travel to NW Arkansas.

Step 2: Decide which trail network you want to ride.

OZ Trails can be a bit confusing when you first arrive. You’re not alone! 

Understanding exactly where all the different trail networks are takes a minute to figure out. OZ Trails is a broad geographic branding of all the various ride spots between Bella Vista to the North, Fayetteville to the South, and Eureka Springs to the East.

We have segmented our trail recommendations below into geographic ride zones to help you get an easy grip on how the OZ Trails network is laid out.

Step 3: Pick Your Ride and GO!

The rides below are grouped by general “zones” of trails and trailheads.

Each of the ride maps were built using the Ride Spot App. You can explore the rides on a computer without downloading the app. 

If you are on a mobile device – take a minute to download the app so you can see all the details.

Bella Vista

Ride From Buddy Pegs HQ

Come see us and launch your next family ride right from Buddy Pegs!

We sit right on the Bella Vista greenway, have loads of parking. and miles of family mtb and pathway rides for all ages and ability levels.

Other Bella Vista Trail Heads:

Blowing Springs

Lake Ann / Back 40 

Little Sugar / Tweety Bird

Bella Vista Bentonville Arkansas bicycling with kids

Bella Vista 1 & 2 Paw Rides

1 & 2 Paw Lake Bella Vista Out & Back from Buddy Pegs - 2.8 miles
1 & 2 Paw Buddy Pegs HQ to Blowing Springs Caves - 5.8 miles

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Bella Vista 3 & 4 Paw Rides

3 Paw Flash Flood Out and Back From Buddy Pegs HQ
3 Paw Tweety Bird Loop - 1.7 Miles
4 Paw Metfield Loop - 5.2 Miles
4 Paw Flood Zone to Rabbit Hole - 4.5 Miles

Bella Vista Pump Tracks & Skills Areas

Metfield Pump Track & Skills Park - All Paw Levels
Blowing Springs Concrete Pump Track

Bentonville - Slaughter Pen

Slaughter Pen

Slaughter Pen is the original, iconic OZ Trails network laced with world class single track for al ability levels and an abidance of public art.

These trails are easily accessed from downtown Bentonville or multiple trailheads to the North.

Kids of all ages will love the All American Trail and Crystal Bridges Museum greenway trail that descend into miles and miles of mountain bike trails for all ability levels, and easy, flat pathway riding.

Trailheads and Parking

Compton Gardens (downtown Bentonville)

Cub Parking Lot

Bentonville Bicycle Playground

NE A Street Park

Leopards Loop Glowtrail Trailhead

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art bicycling with kids

Slaughter Pen 1 & 2 Paw Rides

3 & 4 Paw All American - 0.9 Miles
2 Paw North Bentonville / Slaughter Pen Singletrack - 2.8 Miles

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Slaughter Pen 3 & 4 Paw Rides

3 & 4 Paw Trash Creamery Ice Cream - 4.8 Miles
3 Paw Art Ride - Downtown Bentonville > Momentary > Crystal Bridges Museum - 3.7 Miles
3 & 4 Paw Ravine Trail - 0.4 Miles

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Bentonville - Coler Mountain Preserve

Color is a true gem, hidden in plain sight in downtown Bentonville, Arkansas. 

This 300 acre nature preserve is a must ride destination! 

Enjoy the paved, rolling greenway trail that follows Coler Creek or spread out on the adjacent mountain bike trails catering to all ability levels.

Be sure to stop at Airship Coffee for a beverage or snack – yes, it’s only accessible by bike or by foot!

Trailheads and Parking

Coler South Gateway Parking Lot

Coler North Gateway Parking Lot

Coler Grove

Coler Mountain Bike Preserve riding with kids

Coler Mountain Preserve 1 & 2 Paw Rides

1 & 2 Paw Applegate Trail - 1.6 Miles
All Abilities Good Vibrations Trail

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Coler Mountain Preserve 3 & 4 Paw Rides

3 & 4 Paw Esters - 3.7 Miles
4 Paw Oscars - 3.2 Miles
4 Paw Fireline - 0.6 Miles
3 & 4 Paw Thunderdome - .2 Miles

Bentonville - Pump Tracks and Skills Areas

Bored of riding traditional trails? 

Come try out these pump tracks located in Bentonville are a great change! 

Looped tracks with small technical features to build your skills and test your speed!

Bentonville Pump Tracks and Skills Areas

2 & 3 Paw Wolf Pack - 1.2 Miles
3 & 4 Paw Moma Bear - 0.5 Miles

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Rogers has two main areas we encourage families to visit that include the downtown area with the Railyard Bike Park / Lake Atlanta and the Hobbs area. 

The Railyard is a gigantic bike playground with varying levels of challenges. The entire family can visit this park, learn new skills and then head on over to Lake Atlanta trail system for some additional mountain bike miles or greenway bike path time. 

This area has fun for the entire family and is right in downtown Rogers, making it easy to find someplace for a snack after the ride. 

Hobbs State Park (Karst Loop) is a 30 minute drive from town, but has a very remote feeling to the ride area. On the drive you will be surrounded with beautiful views of Beaver Lake that will continue on this family friendly 8 mile mountain bike ride. The trail is a directional loop with some minor climbing and one technical spot towards the lake that is easily walkable for younger riders.

Rogers - Bike Trails 1 & 2 Paws

All Levels Railyard Bike Park Loop

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Rogers - Bike Trails 3 & 4 Paws

4 Paw Karst Family Loop - 7.6 Miles
3 Paw Lake Atlana - 1.9 Miles

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Springdale is home to the Runway Bike Park (previously hosted the Red Bull Pub Track World Championships) and is a must-see location. This area is particularly useful in bad weather when some of the local mountain bike trails are not rideable. If the weather is good and you are looking to see some magnificent rock work, head over to Mt. Fitzgerald for some technical riding that will challenge all levels of riders.

Springdale - Bike Trails

Runway Bike Track
3 Paw Mt Fitzgerald - Stage Coach Loop

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Fayettville is the far southern end of the Razorback Greenway and boasts many eclectic restaurants, cool shops and a great riding scene. Lake Fayettville provides a full family experience with the mountain bike trails following close to the greenway trail and Gregory Park has a family friendly 1 mile loop as well as a pump track.

Fayetteville - Bike Trails 1 & 2 Paws

2 - 4 Paw Lake Fayetteville

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Fayetteville - Bike Trails 3 & 4 Paws

3 & 4 Paw Gregory Park
3 Paw Mt. Kessler
4 Paw Millsaps Mountian
4 Paw South Lake Fayetteville

Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs is a fantastic location for a change of scenery and is only 45 minutes from Bentonville. Lake Leatherwood leans more towards the technical downhill type riding and has regularly shuttled trails that are serviced by a local outfitter. The Passion Play trail system has a little bit of everything to include some beginner green trails and some full on black diamond jump lines. Eureka Springs is well known for having a fantastic culinary scene, so take some time to choose a great restaurant following your ride.

Eureka Springs - Bike Trails

3 & 4 Paw Lake Leatherwood
3 paw Sloryde Trail

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Adult Rides

Have some time where the kids are at Buddy Pegs and want to get an adult ride in?  Check out these options leaving from our HQ that will get you back in time to high five your super stoked kiddo and their class.

Adult Rides

Leave the Kids with Buddy Pegs and ride this
Blowing Springs from Buddy Pegs

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