Kids and Family Bike Shop

Our Bike Shop is for Families Like You

It can be hard to figure out the right cycling gear for you and your child..

We’re here to help.

Our goal is to learn about your family and recommend the perfect bikes and riding accessories for each group of riders:


  • The ideal kids’ bike for every age and skill level
  • Balance bikes to mountain bikes
  • Expert guidance
  • Safe and enjoyable rides
  • Foster confidence and skills

Cargo Bikes + E-Transportation:

  • Versatile transportation solutions
  • Perfect alternative to a 2nd car
  • Family cargo bikes
  • Electric bikes for everyone

Adult Recreational E-Bikes:

  • Leisurely rides on electric-assist bicycles
  • Effortlessly covering more ground and enjoy the outdoors
  • Perfect for adults looking for fun rides on all paths

Adult Mountain Bikes:

  • Conquer smooth to rugged trails
  • Tailored to all experience levels
  • Full suspension to hard-tails,
  • we help you find the perfect MTB
Buddy Pegs HQ Family Bike Shop

Personalized Customer Experience:
We prioritize getting to know each customer personally, tailoring recommendations to their needs and skill level. 

Buddy Pegs Financing:
We understand bikes are expensive! Which is why we offer 12-month deferred interest financing options through the Bike Cooperative for sales over $2000. 

Full Service Bike Shop:
Whether you need a tune up, tire replacement, full-suspension service, or service on your E-bike, we are here to help!

Our service shop is Bosch certified.

Rentals/Demo Program:
Visiting the beautiful city of Bentonville, AR? We have a large range of rental bikes:

  • Kids bikes of all sizes
  • Adult full suspension E-Mountain Bikes
  • Adult hardtail Mountain Bikes
  • Family E-Cargo bikes

How to Shop with Us

Appointments at Buddy Pegs:
Prefer a more personalized shopping experience? Book an appointment with us to receive dedicated attention and guidance tailored to yours or your families needs. Our appointments are aimed to help with questions, bike fitting, and bike purchases.

Open Hours at Buddy Pegs:
Stop by Buddy Pegs at any time while we’re open to receive expert guidance by our knowledgable team members. If you just want to swing by and say hello, or you are interested in having your own new bike day, we’d love to have a chat!

Summer Hours:

Monday – 9am-1pm

Tuesday – 9am-5pm

Wednesday – 9am-5pm

Thursday – 9am-5pm

Friday – 9am-5pm

Saturday – 9:30am-3:30pm

Sunday – CLOSED


Brands We Carry and Why We Love Them

We carry Cannondale for their innovative designs and high-performance bikes.

From their kids trail bikes to adult E-MTB bikes, Cannondale tends to all ages.

Shop their helmets in our shop at a discount!

Our shop carries both Norco mountain bikes and recreational e-bikes for all ages!

Norco bikes are great for young mountain bikers looking to shred.

Prevelo’s Alpha and Zulu models are highly common among kiddos in our programs!

Prevelo provides perfect options for both greenway riders and mountain bikers.

Woom bikes are one of our favorite bike brands for young riders!

The lightweight and kids specific frame design is the perfect option for riders looking to learn to pedal or ride the greenway!

Tern’s GSD and HSD models are the perfect option for families with one or two children!

Tern makes both long-tail and short-tail models perfect for families looking to spend more time on bikes together.

Yuba cargo bikes are the ultimate solution for families or businesses looking to transport cargo or children with ease and efficiency.

Yuba’s Spicy Curry is one of Buddy Pegs most popular E-cargo bikes for families in Bentonville!

Riese & Müller E-cargo bikes are the perfect alternative to your families car with multiple designs from bucket bikes to long-tail E-cargos!

Giro helmets and accessories are designed with the latest technology and materials to enhance comfort and performance, ensuring that riders can focus on their ride while being comfortable!

Kali helmets offer superior protection and style for young cyclists of all levels, incorporating advanced safety features and sleek designs from their half shell helmets to their sweet full face youth helmets to keep riders safe and stylish on the road or trail.

Shotgun accessories are designed to enhance the riding experience for young passengers, providing safety and comfort for kids riding shotgun on family adventures.

Kids riding bikes in a Pedal Kids USA class

Looking to sign your child up for a bike class, lesson or camp?

Our sister company Pedal Kids USA helps get your child off the couch and out for an adventure with a new standard for preschool, elementary, and middle school cycling education.

Year-round programming starting at 2 years old.

  • Classes

  • Camps

  • Afterschool Programs

  • Race Series

  • Private Lessons 

  • Birthday Parties


Sign up today and stay up to date on all the amazing events, bicycle gear, kids bike programs and more to help support your Adventure Family!