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How To Pick The Right Program For Your Child

We take the time to get to know your child and make sure they’re introduced to bicycling the very best way possible.

Our programs often have mixed ages to give children the opportunity to ride with other kids their own ability level while developing critical social-emotional learning opportunities.

Buddy Pegs programs are currently for children under 10-years-old.  Please read our rating chart below to see where you child will best thrive.  


Our classes & programs teach your children critical life skills beyond the mechanical act of riding a bike. Self-confidence, resilience, and connection to the real world around them are delivered through the power of the bicycle.

Your child’s new found love of bike riding will help connect your family through lifelong biking adventures.

Before you sign up for one of our classes be sure to check out the Buddy Pegs Family Membership and start saving on programming and products from our shop!  

Scroll down to enroll in the program that best matches your child’s age and ability level. Let’s ride!  

Understand Our Paw Rating System

If you’ve listened to our children’s story telling podcasts or read one of our children’s picture books, you know that we love animals who ride bikes. Who doesn’t?

We use “paws” based on our bike loving animal characters to help kids and parents know exactly where each child is in their ability level and where they are heading next.

1 & 2 Paw Riders

3 & 4 Paw Riders


Ages 3-7 (2 separate Class options based on age)

Location: Buddy Pegs Family Ride HQ
1 Hour Class Length
$85 (4 week session)

Few of life’s milestones are as memorable as learning to ride a bike. But all too often the process to get there is full of anxiety, unnecessary struggle, and tears.

But not at Buddy Pegs! Here children love every stage of learning to ride thanks to our incredible Buddy Pegs certified coaches who weave our unique Learn To Pedal curriculum into play-based challenges and games.

Over these sessions, students first learn the fundamentals of balancing a bike without pedals and without training wheels thanks to our no-pedal glide method of teaching that helps develop the muscle memory and confidence needed to pedal independently.

Pre- K LTP Prerequisites: 

  • Child must be 3 years old

  • Child must be gliding confidently already

  • Child must be interested in pedaling – we do not force pedaling at this age 


Do you have a 2 year-old or a 3-4 year-old that is still getting used to their balance bike and not yet gliding comfortably?  Check out our Balance Bike Playdates for a few sessions first!  It’s the perfect starting point for younger children to learn to love the bike.


Ages 1-3  years old
45 Min.
4 week Session (1 class per week)
$70 (4 week session)

Unplugged family time, your child’s first group rides, the start of lifelong family adventure. This is what you’ll experience at a Buddy Pegs Balance Bike Play Date.

To be more specific… these shared learning experiences are run by trained ride leaders who guide children, and their parent or caregiver, through play-based on-the-bike and off-the-bike activities that are guaranteed to make your child twice as excited to ride.

Children need not have previous balance bike skills and balance bikes are available to rent. Sorry, no training wheels allowed. Please see our FAQ’s page for more information.

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle, our trained ride leaders want to help YOU guide your child through the early years on a bike. And have a lot of fun doing it.


Ages 3-5
1 Hour Class Length
4 week Session (1 class per week)

*Parents/Guardians must be ready to RIDE!!

Did your pre-K kid just learn to pedal? Are they ready to take their skills to the next level?
Well then this class is for you!  During these classes, our Buddy Pegs certified coaches will play fun on the bike and off the bike games while helping your pint sized pedaler progress through early bike safety and skills like braking, speed modulation, ready position, group riding relationship skills, and of course how to bring the STOKE to every ride! 

Each week the class will be held at different locations:

  • Week 1 at Buddy pegs HQ
  • Week 2 at 8th St.
  • Week 3 at Slaughter Pen
  • Week 4 at Coler.

    The class will include small greenway riding adventures.

  • Pedaling (without training wheels) on pavement and some flat, wide dirt trails. 
  • Not yet confident cranking up hills and/or controlling speeds on downhills. 


Ages 2-4
1 Hour Class Length
4 Week Session (1 class per week)

We are taking the Little Rippers out onto the trails! 
In this newly designed and highly requested class, our youngest riders will get the full team trail riding experience, while maintaining the safety and comfort of a parent presence. 
The class will parallel the skills and locations of our 3 paw After School Bike Club, but with the games, energy, and imagination that defines our pre-K programming!  
This class will be held on location at a variety of trailheads. Our certified coaches will lead the kids through green-level trails while teaching and reinforcing mountain bike skills and safety and of course, bringing the STOKE!!!  First week is at Buddy Pegs HQ.
  • 3 Paw Riders: Able to climb and descend paved pathways/greenways. Comfortable modulating speeds on downhills. Riding beginner rated mountain bike trails with moderate confidence – even a little bit of climbing / descending. Handbrakes are required.


Ages 5-11
1.5 hour Class (*Railyard Rally Class is 2 hours)
$140 (4 week session)
Locations: Buddy Pegs HQ & 8th Street Market

Schools out for the day – let’s ride! After school bike club is a chance for kiddos Pre-k-2nd grade who already are independently pedaling to further develop their bicycle skills, safety, and fitness, but it’s much more than that.

After School Bike Club is perfect for kids (5-11) who are rolling along on two wheels, without training wheels, to kids who want to start gaining more confidence and learn mtb skills, and for kiddos who are confidently exploring intermediate+ single track and want to learn more:)

More advanced riders will develop critical mtb skills that will provide them with the confidence they need to excel and be safe little riders.

Choose the appropriate PAW level for your child during registration so we are better prepared with our coaching staff.  We can always move kiddos around on the first day if need be!

See Paw Rating scale above.

8th Street Urban Shred (2,3 & 4 Paw)

Ages 5-11
1.5 Hour Class Length
4 Week Session (1 class per week)
Location:  Buddy Pegs 8th Street Market Location

Wednesdays | 3:30-5:00pm

What’s an urban shred you ask? 

Think of this as more of a downtown  adventure on bikes! 

We will be exploring the fun sites we have around our new store at 8th St Market, learning how to ride safely through town, and getting to know the greenways and fun downtown riding spots! 

From hot chocolate rides and shredding on momma bear and Thaden School pump tracks, to exploring the trails around Crystal Bridges, we have so many fun adventures we want to share with you!

We will meet at Buddy Pegs 8th Street Market Retail Location each week and set off from there!.

Railyard Rally (4 & 5 Paw)

Ages 5-11
2 Hour Class Length 

Fridays | 3:30-5:30pm
$50 (*Bus Transportation Included)

Come ride in the Buddy Pegs bus and shred with us at the Railyard! 

We will be picking kiddos up from our new shop at 8th St. Market in our awesome new bus and heading over to the Railyard in Rogers for a fun riding session and returning to 8th St. Market at 530pm. 

4-5 paw riders only!

Send-erellas (4 & 5 Paw)

Suitable For Ages 7-11
2 Hour Class Length 

$50 per class
Location:  Buddy Pegs 8th Street Market Location

FRIDAY | 3:30-5:00pm

Our all new all girls jump class! 

We will be picking kiddos up from our new shop at 8th St. Market in our awesome new bus and heading over to the Railyard in Rogers for a fun riding session and returning to 8th St. Market at 5:30pm.

This is a 4-week progression session to help the little ladies who are a 4 or 5 paw take it to the next level!

Hips, Whips, Turns & Berms (4 & 5 Paw)

Suitable For Ages 7-11
2 Hour Class Length
4 Week Session (1 class per week)
Location: Buddy Pegs 8th Street Market Location 

Thursdays | 3:30-5:30pm
$195 (*Bus Transportation Included)

Have you rode in the Buddy Pegs Shred Express (our bus) yet?! 

Looking to ride some super fun spots around NWA? Looking to progress within your jumping or cornering? Look no further as this Paw Pup clinic is perfect for you! 

We will be picking up your kiddo from our new shop in 8th St. Market and taking them to some of the most rad trails in the area with a focus on jumping and cornering. This is a 4-week progressional clinic suited for 4-5 paw riders ages 7-11.


Teaching your child to ride a bike is one thing, but having them love it is another. Thankfully, Buddy Pegs is here to help you with both! Our early childhood cycling coaches and mountain bike coaches are ready to introduce your little explorers to the wonders of a childhood on two wheels and the tools of lifelong happiness and success that comes from it.

Thanks to the introduction of balance bikes, and high-quality pedal bikes, there has never been a better time to teach kids how to ride. And now that journey begins as early as two years old! You remember how important your bike was for you as a kid. Now it’s time to introduce your child to a love of bicycling, the right way!

LEARN TO PEDAL -These lessons take place in a parking lot environment. We will provide activities, ramps, games, etc that will keep your child engaged and excited to want to ride more:)

INTRO TO MOUNTAIN BIKING -We will start to introduce 2 paw riders to the skills and activities that will start your child’s journey onto dirt! This will start with parking lot skills and then graduate to some easy singletrack riding.


Looking for a socially distant way to celebrate your child’s birthday? Nothing says ‘best birthday ever’ like a bicycle party!

We’ll handle all the details including a full-size Buddy Pegs Bicycle Playground complete with Learn To Ride Ramps, age-appropriate obstacles, children’s demo bikes, helmets, bicycle number plates to decorate with child’s age and certified Buddy Pegs coaches. Leave the details to us, and get ready to hear “Best Birthday Party Ever!”.


  • Bicycle Playground (AT HQ or OFF Site) – Perfect for kids turning 2 – 6 years old. 
  • Outdoor Ride Zone (At HQ Only) – Perfect for kiddos 4 – 8
  • Private MTB Riding Coaches (HQ or OFF SITE) – Any age!

We can even help you buy a new bicycle and deliver it ready to ride for the birthday boy or girl.

90 Minute Party – $375

  • Buddy Pegs HQ 
  • OffSite (Must be signed off on by Buddy Pegs)

Two coaches for 10 kids (MAX). Numbers will be adjusted based on current state regulations

$75 for 30 mins extra.

Offsite locations is an option. Your yard, neighborhood park, cul de sac or closing off your street for a bike party are some options that you can provide.

**Parent/Caregivers will be required to provide ‘hands on’ assistance to children so that our coaches may remain at a safe distance from the children. Our coaches will have masks and will have sanitizer and alcohol spray to disinfect their hands and equipment.

Still Confused?

No problem! We offer a lot of different riding experiences and we know it can be hard to figure out the right one for your kiddo. We would love to help you pick the right program for your child so please reach out