Good news – Schmiddy finally found his way out of the basement and the whole Buddy Pegs gang learns what that mysterious flying object really is when it leads them […]

S2: EP 5| Where Is Everybody: Part 1

It’s the day after the big parade and now what? The episode starts with Schmiddy in a dream, asking his inner voice how to follow up a wonderful day with […]

S2: EP 4 | Express Yourself: Part 2

The rain has stopped and the first Buddy Pegs Bicycle Playdate is on! Kits and pups are arriving at the bike shop with their parents and the whole town of […]

S2: EP 3 | Express Yourself: Part 1

In the last episode, the Buddy Pegs crew encouraged Daisy Bell and Cheetos to run the first-ever Bicycle Playdate for kits and pups at the bike shop. Well, the big […]

S2: EP 2 | What’s In A Name? Part 2

  The exciting conclusion of this two-part episode, and the start of The World of Buddy Pegs Season Two!  After Schmiddy found out Daisy Bell was helping Cheetos learn to […]

S2: EP 1 | What’s In A Name? Part 1

Season Two is here! We’re back in the saddle and cranking out all-new stories from Spokesville and the Buddy Pegs bike shop. In this episode we’re introduced to a new […]

Ryan Loften- Founder of Mt Tam Bikes Camp

Ryan Loften is the founder, owner and head coach of Mt Tam Bikes Camp. But that title doesn’t even begin to describe Ryan! Since 2006, he has taught over 2000 […]